AC High Current & High Voltage Standards

This activity is maintaining the e National Standards for AC High Voltage annd High Current Ratios at power frequencies (50 0Hz) by using Standard High Voltage Ratio Measuring System (HVRMS) and Standard Currentt Transformers upto 100kV and 5kA, respectiveely. This activity is also maintaining the Nationa al Standards for the calibration and measurement of AC High Voltage Capacitance and Tan δ uupto 200kV at 50Hz by using Standard High Vooltage Capacitors & High Precision C, L & Tan δ Measuring System.

This activity is providing Apex x Level Calibration Services for Current Trans sformers, Current Transformer Testing Sets, AC High Current Sources, Clamp Meters, Currrent Probes, CT Burdens, Voltage Transformers, Voltage Transformers Test Sets, HV Prob bes, Electrostatic Voltmeters (ESVM), HV Breakk Down Test Sets, Voltage Transformer Bu rdens, AC High Voltage Sources, HV dividers, k kV Meters, Capacitance & Tan δ Bridges, insulaation level of test objects like Transformers, Bushinngs, Insulators, Cables, etc.

The AC high voltage lab has beeen recently renovated to accommodate the facility of AC high voltage upto 300kV.