AC Power & Energy Standards

AC Power & Energy Standards

AC power & energy standards of  NPLI is actively involved in maintenance of  primary/national standards  for ac power & energy, calibration & measurement of  reference standards , testing of  high precision industrial energy meters and  disseminating traceability to the calibration laboratories and power sector organizations. Related R& D works and updating of facilities are continuously carried out and monitored according to global technological changes.

  1. Primary Power Calibration System (PPCS), primary standard for ac power & energy has been established with uncertainty: 20-30 ppm, voltage: 10-480V, current : 10mA-100A, power factor: 0.01lag -1- 0.01lead, frequency: 40-400Hz.
  2. Calibration system : The 3 phase  power & energy calibration system comprises of 5-position meter bench, high stable 3phase source MTS-340 (Zera Make) along with Reference power comparators COM 3000 & COM 303-3 having uncertainty: 70-100 ppm, voltage: 10-600V, current: 10mA-120A, frequency: 40-70Hz, power factor: 0.01lag-1-0.01lead.

    The Single phase calibration system comprises of  power calibrator Fluke 6100A, Power Energy Standard MSB-100 (Rotek) having uncertainty : 50-200ppm, voltage:10-576V, current:10mA-120A,  frequency: 40-400Hz, power factor: 0.01lag-1-0.01lead.

  3. Zero Power Factor Standard (ZPF) has been established which is based on mutual inductor coil used for setting of the power source at exactly 90 degree phase shift between voltage and current  and is used in inter-comparisons.
  4. The facility  for influence of  ac//dc magnetic field inductions on energy meters has been established through continuous R& D as per requirements of power industries and amended technical specifications of CBIP (Central Board of Irrigation & Power, New Delhi) and IS-13779 (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  5. Intercomparisons: Regular Participants of APMP and Euromat key comparisons in ac power & energy. Focus is given on recent Euromat key comparison.
  6. Conducted Proficiency testing for different Indian laboratories in the field of ac power & energy in order to evaluate En values and measurement competency.
  7. Carrying out measurement and testing of high precision industrial energy meters as per Indian standards and IEC specifications.