Advanced Materials and Device Metrology Division

Division # 4 - Advanced Materials and Device Metrology Division

The ‘Division of Advanced Materials and Device Metrology' aims towards synergizing the research and development to develop state-of-the-art bulk and nano-scale materials, process technologies and devices for Industrial, Strategic and Societal applications. The thrust is on the development of indigenous, economically viable and efficient organic and inorganic Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric devices, Luminescent materials, Carbon based materials & composites and Thin-film based gas sensors. The division undertakes this mandated research and development through several International and National projects, including consultancy, Collaborative, Grant-in-aid and Sponsored projects.



Mr.  C.M.S. Rauthan
Chief Scientist & Head
Ph: +91-11-45721078

Advanced Materials and Device Metrology Division
CSIR - National Physical Laboratory
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Marg
New Delhi - 110012


Research Areas Section Leader E-mail ID
Photovoltaic Metrology Section Mr. CMS Rauthan
Photonic Materials Metrology Dr. Ritu Srivastava
Advanced Carbon Products and Metrology Section Dr. S. R. Dhakate
Clean Room Complex Mr. CMS Rauthan