Calibration Charges :D5.08, Fluid flow Measurement (w.e.f. 01.04.2015)

Calibration Charges :D5.08, Fluid flow Measurement (w.e.f. 01.04.2015)
Gas Flow
Sl. No. Parameter

Specimen copy of certificate & Test Report.

TDS Exemption Certificate.

TDS Exemption Certificate.

Calibration & Testing Charges

(New charges are applicable from April 01, 2017)
(Goods & Services Tax (IGST)@ 18% &(CGST@9% + SGST@9%), NPL GSINT No. 07AAATC2716R2ZG is applicable from 1.07.2017)

The calibration and testing charges have been classified in the area of activities of the various sections of this laboratory. For calibration, the ‘parameters’ of measurement are given in the bracket just below the area of the activity. Testing areas are listed separately. The customers are supposed to know the ‘parameter(s)’ (like volume, torque, capacitance or magnetic flux etc.) for which the particular item is to be calibrated or the ‘area of testing’ for the testing of any sample. In case of any enquiry, you are requested to Contact CFCT .

Calibration Parameters Testing Areas
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
(AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency)
Optical Thin Films & Ceramics
(Optical Thin Film)
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
(Frequency, RF Voltage, RF Power)
Polymer & Soft Materials
(Contact Angle Measurement)
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
(Attenuation, VSWR, Reflection Coefficient,Phase)
Physics & Engineering of Carbon
(Carbon Materials)
Optical Thin Films & Ceramics
(Thin Film Coating)
Multiferroics and Magnetics
(Magnetic Properties & Magnetic Field)
Multiferroics and Magnetics
(Magnetic Flux Density, Resonance Frequency)
Atmospheric Chemistry
(Environmental Science)
Atmospheric Chemistry
(Ozone Concentration)
Optical Radiation Standard
Precise Timing Systems
(Time & Frequency)
Acoustics & Vibration Standards
(Acoustic Materials, Noise)
Mass Standards
(Mass, Density, Volume & Viscosity)
Pressure, Vaccum & Ultrasonics Standards
(Pressure, Vacuum & Ultrasonic Devices )
Standards of Dimension
(Length, Dimension and nanometrology )
Fluid flow Measurement
(Fluid Flow)
Fluid flow Measurement
(Gas Flow)
AC Power & Energy Standards
(AC Energy Meter)
Fluid flow Measurement
(Water Flow)
X-Ray Analysis
(Powder and High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction)
Temperature & Humidity Standards
(Temperature & Humidity)
Analytical Chemistry
(Chemical Analysis)
Optical Radiation Standards
(Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity,Color Temperature)
Work & Services
(Electrical Engineering)
Force and Hardness Standards
(Force, Torque & Hardness)
Electron & Ion Microscopy
(Electron Microscopy)
Pressure, Vaccum & Ultrasonics Standards
(Pressure, Vacuum & Ultrasonic Devices )
Electron & Ion Microscopy
(Surface Analysis (SIMS)
Acoustics & Vibration Standards
(Sound Pressure & Vibration Amplitude)
EPR & IR Spectroscopy
(EPR Spectrometer)
LF, HF Impedance & DC Standards
(DC Voltage, DC Current, DC Resistance)
LF, HF Impedance & DC Standards
(Capacitance, Inductance, AC Resistance)
LF & HF Impedance & DC Standards
(DC High Voltage (>1 kV), DC High Voltage Divider Ratio)
Josephson Voltage Standard
(Voltage Standard)
Quantum Hall Resistance Standards
(Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR))
AC High Voltage & AC High Current Standards
(AC High Current, AC High Voltage, AC High Current Ratio)
AC Power & Energy Standards
(For Power / Energy Meters)
Price List: Analytical Chemistry
(Certified Reference Materials)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to know the feasibility of any particular calibration/testing work at NPL?

Ans. All the 'parameters' (like mass, temperature, force, AC/DC voltage, Impedance etc.) and 'areas of testing' (like ultrasound, dimension, thin film, chemical analysis etc.) are listed on this web-page under " Calibration & Testing Charges " link. For specialized job which is not listed here, you are requested to contact us.

Calibration and Testing Facilities

The calibration and testing services are offered in areas mentioned below. The facilities can be seen at the web pages of various sections that offer these services by clicking.

Calibration and Testing Charges .

In case of any enquiry, you are requested to Contact CFCT .

Site Calibration / Testing

As per our policy decision, we advice our customers to bring the instruments/samples in our Laboratory for their calibration/testing work. In exceptional circumstances, we do undertake the work on-site as per following guidelines:

i) The decision of accepting the on-site work of calibration/testing purely lies with NPL.

Calibration & Testing Request (CTR) Form

CTR form is basically an application form for the customers to apply for any calibration, testing or fabrication work at NPL. It has been carefully designed to get all the relevant information from the customers regarding their work.

The customers are requested to go through the guidelines for filling the CTR form.

Click here for : Guidelines for filling the CTR Form

Calibration & Testing Request (CTR) Form (pdf)



Besides calibration and testing facilities provided to the customers for maintaining the national traceability chain of measurement, NPL has developed the know-how for fabrication of some items to be used by the customers. The fabricated items are not available of the shelf as the fabrication is done as per customer’s demand and specifications. The customers are therefore requested to get the quotation and make the full payment in advance by Demand Draft in favor of ‘Director, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi’, payable at New Delhi.

Additional Guidelines for Foreign Customers

1.  Calibration Charges: The calibration charges available on this website are not applicable for foreign customers. The customers are requested to contact us for calibration/testing charges applicable to them.

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