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Bismuth molybdate Thin Films for ethanol sensor

Possible use : breathanalyser

Drunk driving puts us in imminent danger, a simple alcohol detection can give you information whether you are fit to drive or not.

Strong Conductivity Changes in alpha bismuth molybdate semiconductor material on exposure to minute levels of alcohol
Conductivity changes through redox reaction

High sensitivity to 10 ppm can be detected
Sensor immune to humidity
Oxygen vacancies being highly mobile, sensor completely reversible

Dead Weight Force Machine

The ever-increasing requirements for improved accuracy in measuring tensile forces as well as machines of all kinds used in strength testing,  make it necessary for the national metrological laboratories to pay special attention to improve upon the accuracy and standardization of force measurement.

Dead Weight Piston Gauge Pressure standard upto 80 Mpa

A patented technology for the dead weight piston gauge pressure standard is indigenously designed, developed and fabricated at NPL.

Impregnating-Grade Coal Tar Pitch

The impregnating-grade coal tar pitch is a special type of coal tar pitch, which has a low content (0-3 %) of quinoline insolubles (QI), besides having lower values of softening point (SP), toluene insolubles (TI), coking yield and specific gravity (SG), compared to those of the binder-grade coal tar pitch. It is used in large quantities to densify graphite electrodes, employed in steel and chemical industry.

Force Transducer/ Load Cells

Force Proving rings are presently in use effectively as force measuring/force proving instruments but their use is limited due to their inherent disadvantages like cumbersome to use, temperature sensitive and are unable to measure the low forces with accuracy.The strain gauge force transducer to measure the applied forces up to 3 MN are available in the international market having an over all uncertainty of o.02% with a digital display system of 10,00,000 (ten lacs count).

Blood Glucose Digital Analyzer

A Glucose Biosensor measures the whole blood glucose in a single drop of the blood. The sensitivity of this sensor ranges from 40mg/dL to 600 mg/dL. It actually displays blood glucose in mg/dL. It takes just 40 seconds of patient wait. The accuracy of this Biosensor is within ±5%. The sturdy electrodes used are stable between 15°C to 40°C for 4 months.

Long Afterglow Phosphor

This is a coating of a special luminescent material called Long Afterglow Phosphor. This has a property that it can be excited by an ordinary lamp or tube light and its glow is seen after room light has been switched off. It stores the room light. This energy is released in the form of visible light, which decays very slowly and takes hours to completely die out.

Basic Sodar Operating In Monostatic/Doppler Mode

Basic Sodar System operating Monostatic / Doppler mode" has been designed and developed which measures thermal picture/ wind profiles of the lowest 1 km region of the atmosphere, through remote sensing. In this equipment, powerful pulse of sound is transmitted vertically up into the atmosphere and echo returns from thermal inhomogeneities are received back. The backscattered component is plotted as a facsimile picture of the atmosphere, revealing three dimensional plotted to yield wind profile. The entire operation and data capturing is handled automatically by an IBM compatible PC.

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