High Temperature superconductors and Advanced ceramic materials & devices.

Advanced Ceramics

Under the Advanced Ceramics activity, for preparing beta alumina ionic conductors, a microwave furnace was designed and fabricated for operation upto 1800 °C. The problem of thermal runaway was solved by modifying the furnace design (Fig. 4.11). For develop-ing optical biosensors, a 0.001 M solution of 3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-1-p-chlorophenyl tria-zene (fluorescent material) was prepared in acetone, pH maintained at 5.6 by ammonium acetate (5% w/v solution in H2O) and fluorescence was measured with variation of concentration of Malathion.

High Temperature Superconducting Materials & Devices group

In the High Temperature Superconducting Materials & Devices group, the development of (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x [Bi-2223] bulk tube/rod and current leads and long length tapes for high current transport was taken up. A pair of bulk tube (L=430mm, OD=48mm, ID=46mm) joint current leads carrying transport critical current of 85% of that of the individual tube carrying >1KA at 77K in self field has been developed. Optimization of preparation parameters to improve the transport current through the joint is in progress.

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