Apex Level Standards & Industrial Metrology

Division objective is to strengthen and encourage the overall development in the field of science and technology for the country. The main responsibility is the realization, establishment, custody, maintenance, dissemination and upgradation of the national standards for Physico-mechanical, Electrical, Optical and Thermal precision parameters involving twelve groups. Established the National Measurement Standard (NMS) System with international traceability. The division offers various apex level calibration services to the industry & user organizations of the country and provides educational training on industrial metrology to support the economic growth. At this moment CSIR-NPL has 246 CMC and 149 International Key/Supplementary intercomparisons at the BIPM website. In the XIIth five year plans, our major emphasis is to develop the quantum standards. India is the member of Meter convention since 1957 and out of 12 Consultative committees, India is the full member in three Consultative committees namely, CCEM, CCM and CCTF.


Scientist Incharge Dr. V. N. Ojha
Chief Scientist & Head
Apex Level Standards & Industrial Metrology,
Phone: +91-11- 45608593
E-mail: vnojha@nplindia.org
Address Head D # 5.0, ALSIM
Room No. 126
National Physical Laboratory
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Marg
New Delhi – 110012


Major Work Areas

Contact Person

E-mail ID

Mass Standards

Mr. Anil Kumar


Standards of Dimension

Dr Rina Sharma


Temperature and Humidity Standards

Dr. Y.P. Singh


Optical Radiation Standards

Dr. Ranjana Mehrotra


Force and Hardness Standards

Dr S. S. K. Titus


Pressure and Vacuum Standards

Dr. Sanjay Yadav


Acoustics Ultrasonic and Vibration Standards

Dr. Mahavir Singh


Fluid Flow Measurement Standards

Mr. S.K. Jaiswal


LF & HF Impedance & DC Standards

Mr. Thomas John


LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Standards

Mr. P. S. Negi


AC High Voltage & High Current  Standards

Mr. M.A. Ansari


AC Power & Engergy Standards

Mr. J.C. Biswas


Metrology in Chemistry

Dr. Nahar Singh


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