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Organization of Industrial Training Programmes

Organization of Industrial Training Programmes is an important activity of the HRD Group of NPL. The courses generally refer to various physical parameters in the area of Metrology / Standards, as well as on other specialized topics. These programmes are primarily meant for the personnel belonging to various industries, Testing & Calibration laboratories and other S&T organizations. However, the NPL staff members are also encouraged to attend these courses, where ever found fit. The training programmes consist of theory lectures on various scientific & technical aspects of the training course, followed by practical demonstration and hands-on training on the related instruments / apparatus / machines.

The participants are generally B.E./B.Tech. or M.Sc. as well as Science Graduates or Engineering Diploma Holders.

The training courses / programmes are highly informative and illuminating, capable of making the participants more competent, productive and useful to their organizations.

For details, kindly see the NPL Training Calendar.

Placement, Ph.D. Registration & Other Support to Research Fellows

One of the most prominent activities of the HRD Group is to provide help and support to Research Fellows (JRFs / SRFs), starting from the time they join NPL till the time they leave NPL. This includes their joining and placement in a suitable Division / Group and helping them in getting hostel accommodation, if required. This also includes their Ph.D. registration, assessment for continuance / upgradation, deputation to attend conferences in India & abroad, etc. Sometimes, the help to the Research Fellows starts even before they join NPL. This refers to the cases wherein they are invited and inspired to join NPL for their Ph.D. programme by sending them individual invitation letters and also through advertisement in newspapers.

AcSIR – Ph.D. and Integrated M.Tech.-Ph.D. related activity

All activities related to AcSIR Ph.D. and M.Tech programme for Advanced Material Physics & Engineering including Admission & Joining formalities, Classes (theory/ tutorial/practical),  Examinations and Evaluation etc, are handled by the HRD Group in consultation with the Coordinator-AcSIR.
For details, kindly see the acsir website (

Organization of Students’ Training at NPL

We provide Training (6 months & above) to students pursuing M.Sc./M.Tech. & their equivalent degree programmes, from different educational institutions spread all across the country, in the areas of research activities being carried out at NPL. The basic objective is to provide the students a feel and importance of the various activities, as well as to motivate them towards scientific research as the career.

Guidelines for Student Trainees:
  • The request for training at NPL must come to the HRD Group (, in one lot only from the Competent Authority of the college / institute at least 6-8 weeks before the start of training mentioning the names of the students, their disciplines and their project duration, with exact date of start & completion along with their bio data. Requests/correspondence/recommendation letters received directly from the students will not be entertained.
  • No Student trainee will be entitled to any hostel accommodation and they will have to make their own arrangement for their stay during the period of training at NPL.
  • A Token Money (Non-Refundable) of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) will be charged by NPL from all Student Trainees of 6 months project duration.  The Token Money shall be remitted in the form of a demand draft drawn in favour of the ‘Director, National Physical Laboratory’, payable at ‘New Delhi’. Under no circumstances, the Token Money will be refunded.

Organization of Institutional Visits to NPL

Organization of institutional visits involving students / teachers / faculty members / personnel belonging to schools / colleges / universities / technical institutes / S&T organisations is an important activity of the HRD Group. The basic objective is to provide the visitors a glimpse of the NPL activities and achievements, and thus enhance NPL’s visibility in the society.

Deputation of NPL Staff Members to attend Conferences / Similar events

NPL encourages and supports its staff members, including JRFs, SRFs, PAs, RIs, RAs, SRAs, etc., to attend & present papers at national / international conferences / symposia / seminars / workshops, organized by different agencies in areas relevant to research activities being carried out at NPL. This is primarily meant to enable the staff members to put forward their views and research results before the leading national / international experts and interact with them on the latest developments in their research areas.

Dissemination of HRD-Related Information to NPL Staff Members/Students

Dissemination of HRD-related information to the NPL staff members is another important task performed by the HRD Group. The information generally refers to conferences /symposia/ workshops, or DST, HRDC (Ghaziabad) or other such organisations, or awards instituted by various agencies.
Various HRD related papers are being displayed at prominent places of the laboratory and also sent to relevant persons through e-mail/intranet.

Orientation of Newly-Recruited Scientists

Newly-recruited scientists are made to undergo a 2-weeks Orientation Programme consisting of meeting senior scientists, including all Divisional Heads, and interacting with them on their research activities. The basic aim of the Orientation Programme is to provide the freshly-inducted scientists an opportunity to have a glimpse of all the research activities being carried out at NPL, right in the very beginning of joining the NPL.

Organization of National Science Day, NPL Open Day & CPYLS Programmes, etc.


Training Calendar:

Attachment of training calendar files for 2013-14


Dr. Rajeev Chopra

Sr. Principal Scientist & Head, HRD Group

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