The main focus of Metals and Alloys Group in the areas of (a) development of novel thermoelectric materials and devices for harnessing solar energy and other forms of waste heat, (b) development of rare-earth free permanent magnet materials and (c) development of structural metals, alloys &

(a) Activity : Thermoelectrics

  • Development of process technology to produce p & n-type bulk materials, with high figure-of-merit
  • Design & development of an efficient thermoelectric device (employing the developed thermoelectric materials) and its performance evaluation.




Current R & D highlights

(b) Activity : Development of Permanent Magnet Materials

The main focus of this activity is to develop cheaper & high performance permanent magnet materials employing different novel approaches.

  • Develop rare-earth free permanent magnet materials with high (BH)max
  • Reduce the rare-earth content in conventional permanent magnets employing nanocomposite approach

Current R & D highlights


The group is well equipped with several state-of-art facilities for materials synthesis, characterization and testing.
Processing & Fabrication facilities:

  1. DR SINTER: Spark Plasma Sintering unit
  2. Edmund Buhle r: Melt Spinning Unit
  3. Fritsch : High Energy Ball Mills
  4. MBraun- Glove Box

Characterization facilities:

  1. Carl-Zeiss : Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SUPRA V40 )
  2. RigaKu : Miniflex X-ray Diffractometer
  3. Ulvac-Riko : Seebeck coefficient & Electrical Resistivity Measurement system
  4. Lineseis : Thermal Diffusivity Measurement (LFA 1000) system
  5. Netzsch : High Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  6. Nikon: Metallurgical Optical Microscope
  7. Future Tech : Microhardness tester
  8. Instron : Universal Tensile Testing Machine


Dr. Ajay Dhar, Chief Scientist

Dr. Nidhi Singh, Senior Scientist
Mr. B. Sivaiah, Scientist
Mr. M. Saravanan, Scientist
Dr. Bhasker Gahtori, Scientist

Technical support:
Mr. Radhey Shyam
Mr. Naval Kishor Upadhyay
Mr. Madan Pal