Microwave Attenuation

Attenuation is a measure of the reduction in power level experienced by a signal as it passes through a circuit. NPL, India has 30 MHz Waveguide Below Cut Off (WBCO) attenuator as primary standard with Uncertainty: ± [0.004+0.0001×ΔA], range: 60dB.

Attenuation measurements over the frequency range 30 MHz to 18 GHz are based on an IF substitution system using 30MHz attenuator and signal calibrator. The measurement frequency is down-converted to 30 MHz, at which it is traceable to primary standard of NPLI.

The transfer standard coaxial/waveguide fixed, variable and step attenuators are calibrated using the established 30MHz substitution techniques.

30 MHz waveguide below cut off (WBCO) Attenuator

Calibration of coaxial fixed and variable step attenuators for frequencies upto 18GHz using 30MHz substitution technique

NPLI offers a calibration service for the coaxial step attenuators and rotary vane attenuator (wave guide). Attenuation values from 0.05 dB to over 60 dB can be measured, depending on the frequency of measurement.

In view of the wide range of options on attenuation range and frequency band customers are requested to consult CFCT, NPL on the cost and details for calibrations requirements.

Measurement and calibration capabilities for Microwave Attenuation