Radio & Atmospheric Sciences

The activities of the Radio and Atmospheric Sciences Division comprise of two Major Laboratory projects of the laboratory. The first project is entitled “Radio Science and Applications”. It deals with the characterization of ionized and non ionized radio environment to aid ionospheric and tropospheric communication systems. The second Major Laboratory Project is “Atmospheric Sciences” which deals in understanding changing Atmospheric Environment, its processes and impacts.

Major Work Areas:

  1. Radio Science and Applications
  2. Atmospheric Sciences


To carry out research in the areas of:

  • Radio wave propagation for fixed and mobile communication systems.
  • Ionospheric and Tropospheric radio wave propagation
  • Space physics and Applications
  • Antarctica and Polar research
  • Global Climate Change
  • Atmospheric Environment

  • Ozone Standard (calibration)


Dr. R. K. Kotnala, Chief Scientist & Head
Radio & Atmospheric Sciences Division
National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Road, New-Delhi-110012, India
Tel: 011-45608599; Fax: 91-11-45609310