Sophisticated and Analytical Instrumentation

The main R&D activity of the division is to characterize advanced materials for composition, purity, basic structure and structural perfection and to develop novel and certified reference materials and their dissemination.


  • To establish, upgrade and maintenance of advanced & sophisticated materials’ characterization facilities like Powder XRD, XRF, HRXRD, XRR, HRTEM, SEM, AFM, TOF-SIMS, EPR, AAS, ICP-HRMS and to be a central facility of the laboratory.
  • To render characterization services to various In-house and CSIR and other Network Projects, various Industries and R&D Institutions regarding composition, purity, basic structure and structural perfection of advanced materials like single crystals, nanocrystals, polymers, ferrofluids, epitaxial films and their device structures, amorphous films etc.
  • To remain close to the latest advancements in the characterization techniques to deal with latest developments in the material science and to be a center for excellence, the division is also involved in the development of advanced/novel materials like growth of strategic bulk single crystals for nonlinear optical, high energy radiation detection, topological and multiferroic applications, nanocrystals/ materials, reinforced nanocomposites, nanomedicnes, thin films, polymers, magnetic materials for ferrofluids and MR fluids for devices, Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for water quality and gases under Metrology in Chemistry etc.
  • Implementation of quality management system based on ISO/IEC-17025 and Guide 34 & 35.
  • APMP/ CCQM/VAMAS international comparisons participation
  • Ph.D. Programmes and teaching of M.Tech and Ph.D. students under AcSIR and universities like University of Delhi, Kurukshetra Univ.


Mr. Prabhat K. Gupta
Chief Scientist and Head,
Sophisticated and Analytical Instrument Facility
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K.S. Krishnan Road,New Delhi-110012
Tel.: +91-11-45608373/ 45608232; Fax: +91-11-45609310


Major Work Areas

Crystal Growth & X-ray Analysis

Electron & Ion Microscopy

EPR and Magnetic Fluids

Analytical Chemistry