Testing Charges: D4.01, InorganicPhotovoltaic Devices (w.e.f.01.04.2019)
Testing Charges: D4.01, InorganicPhotovoltaic Devices (w.e.f.01.04.2019)
Thin Film
Sl. No. Area of Testing Sample / Item Name Test Parameters Sample Requirements, if any Testing Chargesper Sample Rs Additional Charges Rs Description of Additional Charges Remarks, if any
1 Thin Film Solar Cells Efficiency Measurment of
Thin Film Solar Cells
Efficiency, Jsc, Voc, Fill Factor Size of Solar cell: Min. 1.0 cm x1.0 cm and Max. 10 cm x 10 cm with contact pads 13600 (with GST: 18% ) None Not applicable  
2 Silicon Dioxide Growth Silicon dioxie growth on Si wafers Growth of Oxide, thickness of oxide layer Size of the Si wafers: 2-6 inches 16250.00 + GST (18%) for a batch of 25 wafres and 650.00 +18% GST for one wafer None Not applicable  
3 Silicon Solar Cell Silicon solar cell Efficiency Cell Efficiency Cell size = 125 mm x 125 mm to 156 mm x 156 mm Rs. 27315 (With 18% GST) none None