Testing Charges: D5.01 In-House BND Group (w.e.f.01.04.2019)
Testing Charges: D5.01 In-House BND Group (w.e.f.01.04.2019)
X-ray Analysis
Sl. No. Area of Testing Sample / Item Name Test Parameters Sample Requirements, if any Testing Chargesper Sample Rs Additional ChargesRs Description of Additional Charges Remarks, if any
1 X-ray Flourescencee Analysis Solid (disc form), powder (pressed into pellet form) Qualitative elemental analysis (one lelement) Disc/pellet daimeter: min15 mm, max35mm withflat surface 7100 NA NA By X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
2 Powder X-ray Diffraction Analysis Polycrystalline materials Diffraction pattern and 'd' values 1. particle size: 5to 30 micron 2. Sample weight min 2g 4600 NA NA By powder X-ray diffractometer, toxic,hygroscopic and
radioactive sapmles cannot be accepted.
  Surface and EPR Analysis    
3 HRTEM with EDS Powder and Thin film on NaCl crystal Lattice fringes, microstructures, SAED pattern, Elemental
analysis etc.
Powder and thin film 11250     Provide
Carbon coated Copper grid with each sample
4 Surface Analysis by SIMS Any Conducting / Semi-conducting material SIMS Mass spectra Samples should be in the form of thin films or thin pellets or
wafers with smooth top surface; Size of the sample: Max.10x10x2 mm, Min.
5x5x1 mm
14000   For Quantification if standard sample is supplied by NPL Impurity Detection in ppm level
5 Scanning Electron
Microscopy (SEM)
Solid/Powder/Film on solid substrate Surface Morphology/Grain size/Fracture/Microcrack Sample size should be less than 10 x 10 mm 5800 NIL NIL Liquid samples can not be accpted
6 Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) Flat solid sample/Pallet/Bulk sample Elemental Analysis Sample size: less than 10 x 10 mm and thickness upto 10 mm 8800 NIL NIL Liquid samples can not be accepted
7 EPR spectromenter Sample in Powder, thin film andliquid form at room temprature NA NA 6000 NA NA  
8 Magneto
At room temprature NA NA 8000 NA NA