Thin Film Devices Section

Activity leader: Dr. K.M.K. Srivatsa,
Sr. Principal Scientist
Phone: 45721075 / 45608609

Name of all the team members:

  • Dr. KMK Srivatsa, Sr. Principal Scientist
  • Dr. Preetam Singh, Scientist
  • Mr. Devendra Kumar Verma, Tech. Assist.
  • Mr. Deepak Chhikara, Ph.D Student
  • Mr. Sourav Das, Research Intern

Summary of the research activity:

Current research activity is the Development of Hot-wire CVD process for the growth of polycrystalline Silicon thin films on flexible metal substrate. Our effort is focused on the Process development for large grained and thick (micron size) undoped and doped device quality polycrystalline Silicon thin films for solar cell application.


Hot-Wire CVD System:

Spectroscopic EllipsometerM/s J A Woollam, Model V-VASE:

Stylus-based Surface Profiler:   M/s Ambios: Model XP-200:   

 Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS): M/s SULA Technologies:


Section # Thin Film Devices Section

DP leader
Dr. KMK Srivatsa
Sr. Principal Scientist