Dr. Mahesh Kumar
Sr. Scientist
Physics of Energy Harvesting
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    Surface Physics and Nanostructures/
    Electronic Materials Division (DU#4;DP#4)

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    Surface Physics & Nanostructures Group,
    Room No. 7 & 16, T.E.C. Building ,
    National Physical Laboratory,
    Dr. K.S.Krishnan Road ,
    New Delhi-110012, ( INDIA ),

  • Educational Qualifications:
  • DegreeSubjectUniversity/InstituteYear

    Bachelor of Science

    Physical Sciences

    University of Delhi


    Masters of Science

    Physics (Electronics

    C.C.S. University


    Masters of Technology


    N.I.T. Kurukshetra


    Ph.D Materials Science University of Delhi

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  • Year Duration Research field Institute ( in India/Abroad) Fellowship
  • Date of Joining NPL: 29 th Dec 2006
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    18 32


  • No. of Patents : NIL

    Current Activity : In 50 words only

  • Formation of self-assembled hetero-epitaxial nanostructures on reconstructed
    semiconductor surfaces:

    Formation of super structural surface phases and nanostructures on low and high index orientation of silicon surfaces by utilizing the dangling bond densities and kinetic control of growth process as steering parameters.

  • Formation of metal nanostructures on single crystal metal and semiconductor surfaces: for applications in low work function materials and materials for III-N epitaxial growth.
  • Honours and Award :

    •  Best Poster Award at ICANN-2009 IIT Guwahati, “Superstructural phase formation of Sb on Si (557)” S.K. Pasha, P. Kumar, M. Kumar, and S.M. Shivaprasad (Dec 9-11, 2009).

    •  Best Poster Award at MOLMAT JNCASR Bangalore “Ga-induced superstructures on Si(111)-7x7 surface” P. Kumar, M. Kumar, B. R. Mehta and S.M. Shivaprasad (Dec 4-6, 2008 ) .

    •  Best Poster awards at NPL Science Day “Ion induced substrate formation for GaN Epitaxy” P.Kumar, M. Kumar, B. R. Mehta, S.T. Lakshmikumar and S.M. Shivaprasad (Feb 28, 2008)

    •  Outstanding Poster presentation award at RIVA V Iberian Meeting held at University of Minho , Portugal , 18-21st September 2005 .

    •  Best scientific paper presentation award at a National Conference on “Materials Science and its Applications” held at National Physical Laboratory New Delhi, India , May 2005 .

    Any other information:

  • 1. Formation of III-N layers on silicon surfaces for the CSIR network project under XI five year plan for Solid State Lighting.
  • 2. Study of low work function materials on W surface for the CSIR network project under XI five year plan with CEERI Pilani as Nodal Lab.
    3. DST-RFBR sponsored Indo Russia project: Physico-technical basics of the creation of new silicon–metal nanostructures on vicinal silicon surfaces.

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    45608403 ;45609403
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