Sh. Niranjan Singh
Principal Technical Officer
Directorate (PME)
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Brief Biodata:
  • 1. DP/DU No. and Name: Analytical Chemistry- SASD-7.01.04,
  • 2. Name.:Dr. Niranjan Singh
  • 3. Current Position and address.: Principal Technical Officer, CSIR-NPL
  • 4. Date of Birth.: 15 th July,1957
  • 5. Educational Qualification:
  • DegreeSubjectUniversity/InstituteYear

    1. A.I.C.(By Exam. equivalent to M. Sc)

    Analysis of Minerals, Silicates, Ores &Alloys

    Inst.of Chemists Calcutta ( India )


    2. B.Sc.

    Analysis of water & sewage Chem.,Zoology, Botany

    Meerut University


    6. Academics/Research Experience:
  • Year


    Research field

    Institute ( in India/Abroad).




    Chemical Metrology (Evaluation of purity of starting material for making stock solutions) (2006 onwards). Characterization of materials (Metal & Alloys, Water, Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials, Indelible Ink, PAC and Alumino Ferric etc.) (1983 onwards)



  • 7. Date of Joining NPL: 24.01.2007
  • 8. No. of Publications:
  • SCI JournalsConference/ proceedings BooksTotal
    13 35



    9. No. of Patents : 215794 (2008) : 01
  • 2. Filed (1582 DEL 2011) : 01

    10. Current Activity :
    Presently involved in the evaluation of purity of starting material for making of stock solutions. (Under Chemical Metrology Activity). Also involved in the testing of materials obtained from Institutes, firms, Industries and sister branches of NPL for their chemical composition by chemical as well as Instrumental methods of chemical analysis.

    11. Honours and Awards :
    (i) Appreciation letter by Director General CSIR and Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee regarding the excellent work done for the analysis of silver for purity determination for the fabrication of memento for distribution to CSIR employees on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration of CSIR, held in Dec. 1992. I was deputed for 20 days in Ahmedabad for the above work.

    (ii) Honoured as Trainee on Environmental Impact Assessment & Auditing (E.I.A.A.) in 1994 under Colombo Plan in United Kingdom ( UK )

    (iii) Merit certificate from Director NPL, New Delhi for the invention of “A Novel Composition Useful for Removing Organic Coating from Solid Surface”.

    12. Any other information : (1) Consultancies : (i) A No. of consultancies have been given for different parties e.g., recovery of silver from process silver ash and process cotton waste for Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd.,

    (ii) Aluminium alloy were analysed for their composition and cosultancy work was made for removing the paint from both the surfaces of the samples for the parties like CPWD, Kolkata, Bihar . And (iii) complete compositional analysis of fire crackers for M/s Kaliswari, Channai.

    (2) Project work: (i) Development of specific method to identify adulterants in milk and to develop spot testing kit. Joint project with DMS(2000-2002)

    (ii) Development of new formulation of Indelible Ink. Received from Election Commission of India

    (iii) Physico-Chemical characterization of wet deposition at NPL new Delhi and Pantnagar in Uttranchal (2005-2008)

    (3) Contribution to National Security and work related to National Importance: Poly Aluminium Chlorides samples, used for purification of water by Delhi Jal Board, have been analysed regularly. Samples received from Delhi Jal Board.

    Indelible Ink samples used in General Elections of India and other states elections, have been analysed regularly. Samples received from Election Commission of India.

    13. Blood group : AB +

    14. Employee ID : 2914