Dr. Shailesh Narayan Sharma
Principal Scientist
Physics of Energy Harvesting
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  • DP/DU No.:

    4.4 Electronic Materials Division

    Current position and Address :

    Electronic Materials Division, Semiconductor Building ,
    Room No. 2, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi-110012

  • Educational Qualifications:
  • DegreeSubjectUniversity/InstituteYear

    1. B.Sc Physics (Hons.)

    Physics ( Main ), Chemistry & Maths

    Delhi University ( India )


    2. M.Sc (Physics)

    Solid State Phys, Quantum Mechanics,
    Materials Sc, Electronics etc.

    IIT ( Delhi )


    3. Ph.D (Physics) Amorphous and microcrystalline silicon Jadavpur Univ./Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata 1994

    Academics/Research Experience:
  • Year /Duration Research field Institute ( in India/Abroad) Fellowship


    1 year & 4 months

    Nanocrystalline amorphous silicon composite thin films, SiC & SiN powders.

    Dept. de Fisica Aplicada I Electronica, University of Barcelona , Spain .

    Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Barcelona , Spain

    2002-2003 1 year Photophysics & Photochemistry of Colloidal CdSe Quantum Dots & MEH-PPV polymer. Radiation Laboratory, University of Notre Dame , Indiana , USA Visiting Scientist, University of Notre Dame , USA
  • Date of Joining NPL: 19 th December, 1997
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    60 28



    No. of Patents : 02

    Current Activity :

    Synthesis & characterization of Semiconductor Nanoparticles (porous silicon, TiO 2 , Au, ZnO, CdSe, CdTe, CdS, Core-shell CdSe-ZnSe, CdSeTe & Zn x Cd 1-x Se alloys, PbSe); Polymers (PPV, P3HT & Polystyrene), Organic-Inorganic Hybrid materials (PPV-CdSe, P3HT-CdSe & TiO 2 -CdSe, Au-CdSe, Au-TiO 2 nanocomposites) & Colloids etc. for its possible application in photovoltaics and biosensors.

    Honours and Awards: Nil

    Any other information:
    Presently involved in organic and polymer based photovoltaics Under the “Solar Energy Mission” initiated by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-India, December 2009.

    Telphone: 45608652
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