Advanced Carbon Products and Metrology Section

The advanced carbon products and metrology group is leading centre of India engaged in carrying out R&D in the area of advanced carbon materials, magnetic materials and thermoelectric materials  catering to the need of the country in the Industrial, Health, Energy as well as Strategic sectors like Defense, Aerospace and Nuclear power.






Dr. S. R. Dhakate, Chief Scientist



Dr. B. P. Singh, Principal Scientist

Dr. Priyanka Heda Maheshwari, Principal Scientist

Dr. M. Sarvanan, Principal Scientist

Dr. Saroj Kumari, Senior Scientist

Dr. Kiran M. Subhedhar, Senior Scientist

Dr. Bhaskar Gahtori, Senior Scientist

Dr. Vijay Kumar Toutem. Senior Scientist

Dr. Kriti Tyagi, Scientist

Technical Support:

Mr. R. K. Seth, Senior Technical Officer

Ms. Shaveta Sharma Sharda, Senior Technical officer

Mr. Radhey Shyam, Technical Officer

Mr. Naval Kishore Upadhyay, Technical Officer

Ms.Preeti Shrivastava. Technical Assistant

Current R & D projects:

Current and upcoming projects.

  1. Establishing centre for ballistic material testing and MWCNTs based armour materials (Mission project)


  2. Development of high density isotropic nuclear grade graphite (BARC project)  
  3. Demonstration and validation of a 5 KW HT-PEMFC based on combined cooling and power system (NMITLI with Thermax Industry).
  4. Characterization of coal tar, their conversion into coal tar pitch and  zero Q.I. pitch, and characterization (consultancy project from Tata steel limited, Jamshedpur)
  5. Carbon fiber composite limbs for recurve archery bow (MSME).
  6. Conversion of crop stubble and municipal solid waste (MSW) in to bio coal by Torrefaction as useful raw material for co-firing in  thermal power plants (NTPC).
  7. Development of Lithium titanate-graphene based battery chemistry for EVs anode for LiB.
  8. Creation of National Center for Battery Evaluation & Safety Test (NC-BEST)
  9. CSIR Young Scientist Research Grant on “Direct Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Yarn by Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  10. Development of Efficient and Economically viable Carbon Nano Materials for Water Purification (CSIR – YSA grant project).
  11. Development of BND of Graphitized petroleum Coke (In – house).
  12. Development of BND of Calcined Petroleum Coke (Upcoming).
  13. Development of fiberboards and panel from agricultural waste and polymers (Upcoming).

Projects highlights:

  1. Feasibility studies on the preparation of activated carbon from Jute sticks

    The jute stick is a lingo-cellulosic based waste biomass after retting jute fiber from jute plant. Its chemical composition consists of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and some other organic compounds. Therefore, it is possible to convert in to charcoal or activated carbon. In this directional National Jute Board, Ministry of textile has approaches NPL to make value added product such as charcoal and activated carbon from waste jute stick, so that indirectly it can help in improving social and economical situation of farmers in north eastern state of the country.  NPL has taken up project from National Jute Board on Feasibility studies on the preparation of activated carbon from Jute sticks. The Jute stick biomass is converted into bio oil, charcoal, non-condensable gases as fuel and later on activated carbon. The activated carbon derived from jute stick possesses surface area in the range 1000-1600 m 2 /g having maximum pores of ~3 nm size.

  2. Conversion of crop stubble in to biochar by torrefaction as useful raw material for co-firing in thermal power plants

    India is a developing country and there is always increasing demand of power (electricity) for the growth of country economy. In India at present more than 57% of power generated by using nonrenewable energy source coal which is around 200 GW of power generated by using more than 700 million tonne of coal. India is agriculture based country and generates more than 600 million tonne of biomass waste from different crops, and produce 140 million tonne rice straw annually. The rice straw burning in the agriculture field poses lot of environmental, health and economical issues in the various part of India on the other hand it is good renewable source of energy. In India generally the bituminous coal of gross calorific value in range of 3500-4000 Kcal/ kg and density 800-900 kg/m 3 are used for generation of electricity. To make biomass rice straw in to a useful material in co-firing thermal power plant by torrefaction with the potential to replace 10 % bituminous coal. It is observed that rice straw torrified at particular temperature  gives gross calorific value in between from 3640 to 4342 Kcal/ kg . The volume of torrified material decreases significantly as compared to raw rice straw. The rice straw powder and torrified material pellets demonstrate significant improvement in the densification which is analogous to that of bituminous coal. Therefore pellets can be stored together with coal and processed using the existing infrastructure for co-firing.  The 10 % use of torrified rice with coal can consume 140 million tonnes of rice straw and as a results reduction in significant amount of green house gases hence earning of carbon credit.

  3. Development of Carbon Nanotubes based Body Armour Materials: Mission Project

    For the development of light weight bullet proof vest and shield best material will have a high level of elastic storage energy that will cause bullet to bounce back and to be deflected. Among the different light weight materials, CNT is potential candidate for bulletproof vests due to its unique combination of exceptionally high elastic modulus and high yield strain. The Young’s modulus of about 1000 GPa, tensile strength ranging between 13-53 GPa as well as high value of thermal conductivity and strain at tensile failure predicted to be as high as ~ 16% with specific gravity of CNTs is about 1.4 g/cm 3 .  CSIR-NPL has taken an initiative on the development of light weight body armour materials. CNT based papers has been sandwiched between the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets for making light weight body armour plates. These vest plates have also been tested for ballistic performance and passed successfully.

  4. Development of high density isotropic nuclear grade graphite

    NPL is developing high density isotropic graphite of size diameter 75 mm and length 150 mm for BARC using suitable coal tar pitch which is easily available in the country. The high density isotropic graphite should possess bulk density   >1.80g/cm 3 ,   Bending strength >35 MPa, Compressive strength >65 MPa, Thermal conductivity >90 W/mK, coefficient of thermal expansion < 5.5 x 10 -6 /°C, grain size <20 µm, tensile strenght >22 MPa etc.  

  5. Flexible MWCNTs bucky paper as anode material for Li ion batteries
  6. Development of Carbon Nanotube Based Yarn

    In order to fully utilize the excellent mechanical and physical properties of individual CNTs at a macroscopic level, it is desirable to fabricate various macroscopic CNT based materials. Initiative on the development of continuous process for the synthesis of CNTs yarn has been taken by the chemical vapor deposition set-up in the laboratory. CNTs yarn has been demonstrated by carrying a load and lighting a LED instead of using copper wire. The process can be improved to produce CNTs yarn with tensile strength surpassing that of commercial carbon fibres. These materials will be very important for the strategic sector where high strength and impact strength along with low density is the prime requirement.

  7. Feasibility studies on the development of value added carbon products using coal tar

    Coal tar is by-product obtained after destructive distillation of metallurgical coal carried out by the steel industry. The coal tar is a complex mixture of variety of compounds of different functionality and has wide range of molecular weight. The main compounds in coal tar are polycyclic aromatic and heterocyclic hydrocarbons compounds. Tata steel limited, Jamshedpur approaches NPL for developing value added carbon products from coal tar. In this direction NPL has taken up feasibility study project for the development mesocarbon microbeads and carbon foam from coal tar. Optical micrograph shows the formation of mesocarbon microbead (MCMB) of spherical size of anisotropic characteristic in coal tar pitch developed by heat treating at 410 o C. These mesocarbon microbeads of spherical size are separated by solvent extraction method from coal tart pitch and heat treated to get mesocarbon microbeads powder shown in SEM image. The MCMB can be used as anode material in Li ion Batteries.

  8. High quality graphene synthesis by Chemical vapor deposition technique

    A custom-made CVD set up designed developed for growth of high quality single layer graphene. CVD growth of continuous and spatially uniform single layer graphene has been established by process of sequential melting-resolidification-recrystallization of copper substrate. Controlled CVD growth process has been developed for of twisted and AB stacked Bilayer graphene.

  9. Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

    The main focus of the thermoelectric materials and devices are to develop novel thermoelectric materials and devices based on Si-Ge alloys, magnesium silicides and copper selenides for harnessing solar energy and other forms of waste heat. The other activities include process technology to produce p & n-type bulk materials, with high figure-of-merit, design & development of an efficient thermoelectric device (employing the developed thermoelectric materials) and its performance evaluation.

    Owing to its green technology, vigorous efforts are being made world-wide to realize thermoelectric waste-heat recovery devices for energy generation and this technology is rapidly emerging as a suitable alternative to other existing renewable sources of energy.  However, despite decades of research, currently there are no thermoelectric devices available commercially for harnessing waste-heat in the high temperature range (> 300°C) due to several technological impediments. Even the existing commercial devices (< 300°C) have a limited efficiency ~ 5% and are made of elements which are both toxic (Pb) and expensive (Te, Ag, RE).  Despite several n & p-type thermoelectric materials available with high figure-of-merit for higher temperature applications (Chalcogenides, Skuttrudites, Silicides with ZT as high as 1.5 - 2.6), most of these are either not stable at high-temperatures or are incompatible in terms of matching thermoelectric properties and coefficient of thermal expansion of their n & p-type counterparts at high operating temperatures.  

    In this group, the research was mainly focused on the development of novel thermoelectric materials with enhanced figure-of-merit and special emphasis on the design, synthesis, characterization and thermoelectric property evaluation of several novel nanostructured thermoelectric materials (Lead, Tellurium and Halfnium free), such as, Cu 2 Se, Mg 2 Si, MnSi, SiGe, Half-Heusler, Skutturudites and other novel thermoelectric materials. The focus of research was to develop compatible n & p-type thermoelectric elements for integration as a thermoelectric device.


  1. Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  2. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  3. Thermo Mechanical Analysis (TMA)


  4. BET Surface Area, Pore Size Distribution and Pore volume
  5. Instron Universal Testing Machine Model 5965, USA
  6. Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA)
  7. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  8. Electrochemical Workstation with Impedance Analyzer
  9. pH/ ISE Meter with Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode
  10. Rheometer
  11. Renishaw in Via Raman Spectrometer
  12. Twin Screw Extruder (Micro Compounder for Small Sample Amounts)
  13. Haake MiniJet (Injection Moulding Machine)
  14. Twin Screw Extruder
  15. Continuous Nanofiber processing by Electrospinning
  16. Tribometer (Nanoindenter)
  17. CHNS elemental analyzer

    It provides a means for the determination of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulphur (CHNS) in the organic and inorganic matter. A wide variety of sample types like solids, liquids, and polymers can be analyzed for its CHNS content.

  18. Spark plasma sintering technique
  19. X-Ray Diffractometer
  20. Field emission scanning electron microscope with EBSD facility
  21. Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity measurement facility used for electrical transport properties.
  22. Laser flash thermal diffusivity
  23. Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  24. Melt spinning unit
  25. Mini Arc melter (Single arc)
  26. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (3.1 T)
  27. Pulse magnetizer and demagnetizer
  28. Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System
  29. Hall Effect Measurement System (HEMS)


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Key Publications (Last Five years)

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Current & Past Students (One year or more):

Current PhD Students

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  • Ravi Kumar,
  • Shweta Kaushal,
  • Mandeep Singh,
  • Pallavi Dariyal,
  • Mrs. Sonam,
  • Miss. Ruchi Bhardwaj,
  • Mr. Avinash Vishwakarma,
  • Mr. Kishore Johari,
  • Mr. Nagendra Singh Chauhan,
  • Amit, Sadiya Waseem,
  • Ms. Indu Sharma,
  • Ridhim Dhawan,
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  • Satish Teotia

Past Students

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  • Mr. Aman Bhardwajm,
  • Jeevan Jyoti Sharma,
  • Munu Borah,
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  • T.K. Gupta,
  • Anisha Chaoudhary