Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) : Indian Reference Materials

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India (NPLI) is committed to ensure the quality of products in every manufacturing and consumer sector by providing SI traceable measurements and enhancing quality life of citizens through metrology. Reference materials (RM) play pivotal role in maintaining the quality infrastructure of any economy through testing and calibration with precise measurements traceable to SI units. NPLI has recently released two very importantcertified RMs as Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravyas (BNDs) i.e BND®-4201 for 4N purity gold and BND®-5101A for Bituminous coal.

NPLI has started Certified Indian Reference Material program around 1986 and more than 31 certified reference materials are already in the market. Recently, the Govt of India (GoI) has supported NPLI to strengthen its BND® program by developing BNDs in the area of AYUSH, Materials, Nanotechnology, Medicine, Food & Agriculture and Biologics.

The availability SI traceable BNDs® are poised to boost “Make in India” program and harmonize the quality infrastructure of the country.

Head of the Division (DU#5)

BND Available Dr. Nahar Singh

Senior Principal Scientist
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi - 110012
Phone No.: +91-11-45608373/9221
Fax: +91-11-45609310

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Registration of proposed BND® should be done by submitting appropriate online registration form.

A certificate of analysis will be provided along with traceability after qualifying all necessary step for BND® production by BND® producer.

BND® catalogue lists all BND® available for purchase. Interested person should contact CFCT for details.
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Dr. Nahar Singh

Head, Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravyas (BND) Division
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Marg,
New Delhi-110012
Phone: +91-11-45608373; +91-9968246475;
Fax: +91-11-45609310