Business Development Group

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Entrepreneur's Corner: Technologies/Know-hows ready for Transfer

Energy Clean Technologies Environment Carbon Products
Carbon Composites for Fuel Cells Toxic Contaminants Removal from Water PM2.5 Sampler Carbon Foam
Ferrofluid based portable power generator Recycling of Plastic Waste Six-stage viable sampler and sampling probe for BFE testing of mask Coal Tar Pitch
Smart anti-UV coating CZTSSe-Inks for Solar Cells   High Density Graphite
      Mesocarbon Microbeads
      Porous Carbon Paper
      Development of free standing and flexible carbon nanotube paper
      Activated carbon from waste biomass jute sticks


Electronics & Instrumentation Rural & Societal Technologies Strategic Materials Processes
FonOclock Lightweight Interior Dry Wall Panel for High Sound Insulation Long Afterglow Phosphor Powders Acceptors for Organic Solar Cells
Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer based NDT System Microbes Inhibition Smart Coatings of Conducting Polymers for Corrosion Protection Synthesis process for PEDOT:PSS
Apparatus for polarization vs Electric field measurement (Ferroelectric Loop Tracer) Low-cost and maintenance-free Thermoelectric Cooler/Refrigerator Nanopowders for EM absorbing paints Development of polystyrene films
Calibrated Photodetector & its Monitoring Unit  Noise Absorptive barrier Nano-ZnO2 for Various Applications Tissue Equivalent Liquids as per IEEE-1528 for SAR compliance testing
Thermal Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) set-up for Graphene deposition Particle Board
Strain gauged force proving instruments      
Axis-symmetrical shaped force transducer      
GTEM Cell with E Field Sensor      
Improved Variable Frequency Ultrasonic Interferometer for Velocity and Attenuation Measurement in liquids      
3 Tesla Auto - Ranges Pulsed/Static Field Gauss Meter      
High Resolution Syringe Pump      
Pulse Distribution Amplifier      
FPGA based General-purpose Lock-in Amplifier and PID Controller      
Environmental Conditions Monitoring Device      
Cross Floating Valve (CFV)      
Device for Time Synchronization      


Sensors Softwares Know-hows Miscellaneous
Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Gold Silver Recovery from Process Waste L-1
Ferrofluid based temperature sensor   Development of UD, 2-D Carbon Fiber Based Polymer Composites L-2



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