Calibration & Testing Charges
Calibration Parameters Testing Areas
Calibration Charges: D1.01, Mass Standards
(Mass Standards)
Testing Charges: D1.03, Temperature & Humidity Metrology
Calibration Charges: D1.02 of Length, Dimension and Nanometrology
(Length, Dimension and nanometrology)
Testing Charges: D1.06b, Pressure Vaccum & Ultrasonics Metrology
Calibration charges: D1.03, Temperature & Humidity Metrology
(Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT)
Testing Charges: D1.07, Acoustics & Vibration Stds
(Acoustic Materials, Noise & Vibration Measurements)
Calibration Charges: D1.04 Optical Radiation Metrology
(Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity, Color Temperature, Color Coordinates etc.)
Testing Charges: D1.08a, Fluid Flow Metrology
(Water Meters & Rotameters)
Calibration Charges: D1.05, Force and Hardness Standards
(Force, Torque & Hardness)
Testing Charges: D2.03, AC Power & Energy Metrology
(AC Energy Meter)
Calibration Charges: D1.06a, Pressure, Vaccum and Ultrasonic Metrology
(Pressure, Vacuum and Ultrasonic Devices)
Testing Charges: D3.02, Gas Metrology
Calibration Charges: D1.07, Acoustics & Vibration Stds
(Sound Pressure & Vibration Amplitude)
Testing Charges:  D 3.04,  Thin Film Devices Group
Calibration Charges: D1.08b, Fluid Flow Metrology
(Gas Flow)
Testing Charges: D4.01, InorganicPhotovoltaic Devices
(Thin Film)
Calibration Charges: D1.08c, Fluid Flow Metrology
(Water Flow)
Testing Charges : D4.03, Advanced carbon product metrology
(Alternative Energy Materials)
Calibration Charges : D2.01a
(DC Voltage ,DC Current, DC resistance & DC Charge)
Testing Charges: D5.01 In-House BND Group
(X-ray Analysis)
Calibration Charges: D2.01b, LF, HF Impedance & DC Metrology Section
(Capacitance, Inductance, AC Resistance, AC Voltage Ratio, Dissipation Factor, LCR (Meter / Bridge))
Testing Charges: D5.02 Outreach and RMP Group
(X-ray Analysis)
Calibration Charges: D2.01c,LF, HF Impedance & DC Metrology
(DC High Voltage (>1 kV), DC High Voltage Divider Ratio, DC High Current & DC Low Resistance)
Testing Charges: D5.03 Chemical & Food Group
(Chemical Analysis)
Calibration Charges: D2.02, AC High Voltage & Current Metrology Section
(AC High Current, AC High Voltage, AC High Current Ratio, AC High Voltage Ratio,
Voltage & Current Burden, Capacitance and Loss facor (Tan Delta), High Voltage Capacitor, HV Dividers, etc.)
Testing Charges: D5.04 BND Management Group
Calibration Charges: D2.03, AC Power & Energy Metrology
(AC Energy, AC Power, Power Factor, AC Current & Voltage (For Power / Energy Meters))
Testing Charges: D6.03, Magnetic Metrology Section
Calibration Charges: D2.05 Quantum Hall Resistance Standards
(Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR))
Testing Charges:    D6.03a, Microwave Metrology Section
Calibration Charges: D3.02, Gas Metrology Testing Charges:    D6.03b, Magnetic Metrology Section
Calibration Charges: D3.03 Defibrillator Analyser & Defibrillator Machine Standard
(Parameters: (i) Energy (J)(ii) Resistance)
Traceability Charges: D6.01, Time & Frequency Metrology
Calibration Charges: D6.01, Time & Frequency Standard
(Time and Frequency Standard)
Traceability Charges: D3.02, Gas Metrology
Calibration Charges: D6.02a, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology
(AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency, AC-DC Voltage Transfer Difference, AC-DC
Current Transfer Difference and AC-DC Voltage & Force)
Calibration Charges: D6.02b, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology
(Frequency, RF Voltage,Microwave Power, Effective Efficiency, Calibration Factor, Voltage Amplitude, AC Voltage & Frequency and Voltage Amplitude & Frequency)

Calibration Charges: D6.02c, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology

Approved Rs.7000/- (seven thousand only) man-day charge for on site
calibration and testing activity and Rs. 1500/-(one thousand & five hundred only) for instrument handling charges.
Calibration Charges: D6.02d, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology
(DC Voltage)
Calibration Charges: D6.03a, Microwave Metrology Section
(Attenuation, Reflection coefficient, E-field,  antenna factor and Shielding Effectiveness)
Calibration Charges: D6.03b, Magnetic Metrology Section
(Magnetic Flux Density, Resonance Frequency, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Flux, Volt.Sec, Magnetic Power Loss, Permeability & Coerecivity and Turn Area)
Calbration Charges: D3.01 Atmospheric Science& Metrology
(Ozone standard)

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