Calibration & Testing Charges
Calibration Parameters Testing Areas
Calibration Charges: D1.01, Mass Standards
(Mass Standards)
Testing Charges: D1.03, Temperature & Humidity Metrology
Calibration Charges: D1.02 of Length, Dimension and Nanometrology
(Length, Dimension and nanometrology)
Testing Charges: D1.06b, Pressure Vaccum & Ultrasonics Metrology
Calibration charges: D1.03, Temperature & Humidity Metrology
(Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT)
Testing Charges: D1.07, Acoustics & Vibration Stds
(Acoustic Materials, Noise & Vibration Measurements)
Calibration Charges: D1.04 Optical Radiation Metrology
(Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity, Color Temperature, Color Coordinates etc.)
Testing Charges: D1.08a, Fluid Flow Metrology
(Water Meters & Rotameters)
Calibration Charges: D1.05, Force and Hardness Standards
(Force, Torque & Hardness)
Testing Charges: D2.03, AC Power & Energy Metrology
(AC Energy Meter)
Calibration Charges: D1.06a, Pressure, Vaccum and Ultrasonic Metrology
(Pressure, Vacuum and Ultrasonic Devices)
Testing Charges: D3.02, Gas Metrology
Calibration Charges: D1.07, Acoustics & Vibration Stds
(Sound Pressure & Vibration Amplitude)
Testing Charges:  D 3.04,  Thin Film Devices Group
Calibration Charges: D1.08b, Fluid Flow Metrology
(Gas Flow)
Testing Charges: D4.01, InorganicPhotovoltaic Devices
(Thin Film)
Calibration Charges: D1.08c, Fluid Flow Metrology
(Water Flow)
Testing Charges : D4.03, Advanced carbon product metrology
(Alternative Energy Materials)
Calibration Charges : D2.01a
(DC Voltage ,DC Current, DC resistance & DC Charge)
Testing Charges: D5.01 In-House BND Group
(X-ray Analysis)
Calibration Charges: D2.01b, LF, HF Impedance & DC Metrology Section
(Capacitance, Inductance, AC Resistance, AC Voltage Ratio, Dissipation Factor, LCR (Meter / Bridge))
Testing Charges: D5.02 Outreach and RMP Group
(X-ray Analysis)
Calibration Charges: D2.01c,LF, HF Impedance & DC Metrology
(DC High Voltage (>1 kV), DC High Voltage Divider Ratio, DC High Current & DC Low Resistance)
Testing Charges: D5.03 Chemical & Food Group
(Chemical Analysis)
Calibration Charges: D2.02, AC High Voltage & Current Metrology Section
(AC High Current, AC High Voltage, AC High Current Ratio, AC High Voltage Ratio,
Voltage & Current Burden, Capacitance and Loss facor (Tan Delta), High Voltage Capacitor, HV Dividers, etc.)
Testing Charges: D5.04 BND Management Group
Calibration Charges: D2.03, AC Power & Energy Metrology
(AC Energy, AC Power, Power Factor, AC Current & Voltage (For Power / Energy Meters))
Testing Charges:    D6.03a, Microwave Metrology Section
Calibration Charges: D2.05 Quantum Hall Resistance Standards
(Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR))
Testing Charges:    D6.03b, Magnetic Metrology Section
Calibration Charges: D3.02, Gas Metrology Traceability Charges: D6.01, Time & Frequency Metrology
Calibration Charges: D3.03 Defibrillator Analyser & Defibrillator Machine Standard
(Parameters: (i) Energy (J)(ii) Resistance)
Traceability Charges: D3.02, Gas Metrology
Calibration Charges: D6.01, Time & Frequency Standard
(Time and Frequency Standard)
Calibration Charges: D6.02a, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology
(AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency, AC-DC Voltage Transfer Difference, AC-DC
Current Transfer Difference and AC-DC Voltage & Force)
Calibration Charges: D6.02b, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology
(Frequency, RF Voltage,Microwave Power, Effective Efficiency, Calibration Factor, Voltage Amplitude, AC Voltage & Frequency and Voltage Amplitude & Frequency)
"CSIR-NPL is giving 25%  charge waiver  for the micro MSME enterprises. The micro MSME have been classified as the enterprises with turnover that does not exceed five crore rupees as per Gazette of India dated 1 June 2020.  The  micro MSME would have to produce a certificate from the MSME ministry to avail this waiver. "
Calibration Charges: D6.02c, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology

Approved Rs.7000/- (seven thousand only) man-day charge for on site
calibration and testing activity and Rs. 1500/-(one thousand & five hundred only) for instrument handling charges.
Calibration Charges: D6.02d, LF & HF Voltage, Current and Microwave Metrology
(DC Voltage)
Calibration Charges: D6.03a, Electromagnetic   Metrology Section (Microwave Metrology)
(Attenuation, Reflection coefficient, E-field,  antenna factor and Shielding Effectiveness)
Calibration Charges: D6.03b, Electromagnetic   Metrology Section (Magnetic Metrology)
(Magnetic Flux Density, Resonance Frequency, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Flux, Volt.Sec, Magnetic Power Loss, Permeability & Coerecivity and Turn Area)
Calbration Charges: D3.01 Atmospheric Science& Metrology
(Ozone standard)

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