Director's message

From the desk of Director

I am pleased to welcome visitors of this website.
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (NPL-India) is mandated to be India's "National Measurement Institute" (NMI) by act of Parliament and is the custodian of "National Standards" with a responsibility of the dissemination of measurements to the needs of country. CSIR-NPL maintains the Indian Standard Time (IST). Accurate and precise measurements are essential to drive the growth engines of Indian Science & Industry as it removes chaos and prompts innovations, which in turn, would save precious lives, resources and time.

The mission of the CSIR-NPL are: (i) Developing India's measurement standards that are internationally accepted and disseminating the measurement capabilities to industry, government, strategic and academia that underpin the India's prosperity and quality of life; (ii) Conducting multidisciplinary R&D with a mission to establish the futuristic quantum standards and upcoming technologies so that India remains on par with international measurement laboratories (iii) Developing sophisticated analytical equipments (i.e. import substitutes) under "Make in India" programme to cater the ever increasing demands of emerging India; and (iv) Training of young scientists and industry personnel in the areas of measurements under "Skill India" programme.

The visions of the CSIR-NPL are: (i) To be "Giant in measurements" to support needs of the country by enhancing and expanding the existing apex calibration capabilities to "Solar Cells" and "Biomedical Equipments" that currently do not exist in the country. New calibration capabilities for environmental gases will be set up. Clean environment demands accurate measurements of pollutants (toxic gases and matter particulate), and as of now, country does not have any "Apex calibration lab" for these pollutants. In addition, R&D Centre for Quantum Standards will be set up for game-changing applications ranging from faster communications to navigation, which will be keys to improve lives and creation of new businesses. (ii) CSIR-NPL would be creating a "National hub" for the development of calibrated sophisticated instruments. India imports almost all sophisticated analytical and biomedical equipments to cater its need and this requirement is ever increasing. No country can be self-reliant if these equipments are not made in-house. Therefore, based on the CSIR-NPL's strength on accurate and precise measurements, it is versioned that a program will be initiated to build these equipments under "Make in India", whereby to begin with know-how of some of the equipments will be obtained from the internationally branded companies. (iii) Creation of a "Centre of Excellence" for skill development in the area of measurements. In order to create skilled scientific and industry ready manpower in the country, CSIR-NPL will strengthen its skill development program in the area of measurement and calibration. Also soon we are going to launch research outreach programme wherein the state-of-the-art facilities available at CSI-NPL shall be made available to research scholars and industry. I invite your constructive suggestions and participation though active collaboration to realize the visions of CSIR-NPL.

(Director, CSIR-NPL)