Electrical & Electronics Metrology Division

The main objective of this division is to strengthen and encourage the overall development in the field of science and technology for the country. The main responsibility is the realization, establishment, custody, maintenance, dissemination and upgradation of the national standards for Electrical & Electronics parameters.

The Division maintains the primary standards like Quantum Hall Resistance Standard. The Division is providing various apex level calibration and testing services in Electrical and Electronic parameters to the industry & user organizations of the country and provides educational training on industrial metrology to support the economic growth. The various Electrical & Electronic parameters are LF, HF Impedance and DC Metrology, AC High Voltage & Current Metrology and AC Power & Energy Metrology.



Scientist Incharge

Mr. J.C. Biswas
Senior Principal Scientist & Head
Electrical & Electronics Metrology Division
Phone: +91-11-45608290 / 45608593/ 42342427
E-mail:  jcbiswas@nplindia.org

Head, Electrical & Electronics Metrology Division
Main Building (Room No. 126) /
Apex Metrology Laboratory (Room No.227)
National Physical Laboratory
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Marg
New Delhi – 110012


Sub Division Head E-mail ID
LF, HF Impedance and DC Metrology Section Dr. V.P.S. Awana (Sr. Principal Scientist) awana@nplindia.org
AC High Voltage & Current Metrology Section Mr. M. A. Ansari (Principal Scientist) ansari@nplindia.org
AC Power & Energy Metrology Section Mr. J. C. Biswas (Sr Principal Scientist) jcbiswas@nplindia.org
Quantum Nanophotonics Metrology Section Ms. Manju Singh (Principal Scientist) singhm@nplindia.org
Quantum Hall Resistance Metrology Section Dr. H. K. Singh (Sr. Principal Scientist) hks65@nplindia.org