Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to know the feasibility of any particular calibration/testing work at NPL?

Ans. All the 'parameters' (like mass, temperature, force, AC/DC voltage, Impedance etc.) and 'areas of testing' (like ultrasound, dimension, thin film, chemical analysis etc.) are listed on this web-page under " Calibration & Testing Charges " link. For specialized job which is not listed here, you are requested to contact us.

Q.2 How much time will take any particular job of calibration/testing?

Ans. Answer of this question is not straightforward. It depends upon many factors such as the workload at the time of job initiation for the concerned technical personal and for the concerned equipment/standards to be used for that job.NPL deals with the highest level of calibration/testing in India and therefore the estimation of time required for such jobs are generally not based on the routine averaging method. However, in most of the cases, the time period of about a month is a fair estimate for all the practical purposes.

Q.3 So, the customer is not given any expected date of completion of the job?

Ans. We give an expected date of completion even with all the limitations as mentioned above and we try our best to complete that job within the given time frame. We do inform the customer in advance for the delay, if any.

Q. 4 For how long the Calibration Certificate/Test Report given by NPL is valid?

Ans. The date of recalibration depends upon many factors like frequency of use of the instrument, its proper care and handling, environmental conditions, operation & maintenance and so on. In fact, the responsibility of re-calibration at proper time lies with the user as he only can assess the above mentioned factors correctly. But our certificates also have the recommended date of re-calibration which varies from one to three years.

Q. 5 Is it necessary to make the payment through Demand Draft/E-transfer?

Ans. NPL takes the payment in advance either through Demand Draft in favor of "Director, National Physical Laboratory", payable at New Delhi or through e-transfer. For E-transfer, the bank details can be obtained from Head, CFCT or from CFCT website Information regarding Payment link.

Q. 6 What is 'Express Service'?

Ans.Under exceptional circumstances, ' Express Service' is also provided to the customers at double the normal charges. However, our 'Normal Service' to other customers is not affected by this service. The customers requesting for this service must apply in advance by justifying their urgency for the job. However, the decision of accepting the work under Express Service lies with NPL only.