विमा मानक

Dimension measurements play a vital role in daily life. The basic purpose of dimensional measurement is to assure and verify the agreement of the product with the specification of the design. The general knowledge of dimensional measurement is a valuable asset for considering, as the basis of calculation and evaluations, realistic dimensional values whose dependable measurement is technically feasible.

Continuous Research in dimensional measurement for new techniques and development of new artifacts is one of the primary objectives of the division. Secondary level laboratories in India and abroad need the traceability of measurement to an apex level laboratory. The calibration of the secondary standards is required by the calibration laboratories all over India and laboratories in the Asia pacific region.

Standards of Dimension group has been engaged in establishing primary standards in all these areas of dimensional measurement for providing the necessary traceability to the secondary level calibration laboratories and user industries across the county and nearby countries in the Asia pacific region. This group is constantly involved in research and developmental activity for augmenting and upgrading the standards at par with other leading National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) to establish equivalence to the international system of measurements.

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