How to get calibration & testing done
  1. Get quote for calibration/testing charges by specifying complete details of requirements e.g. Name of equipment, Parameters, Range, Accuracy etc. by sending query through e-mail at or By Post or from website under Calibration and Testing heading.
  2. Obtain DD of exact amount for the charges. DD should be drawn in favour of "Director, National Physical Laboratory" and payable at "New Delhi" .
  3. Send DD, dully filled CTR form, Authorization letter on Company/Institute Letter head & copy of quotation obtained from NPL else mention the complete details from where you got the calibration/Test charges along with/without item for calibration to The Head CFCT, CSIR- National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-110012 for Calibration/Testing job under Normal/Express/Time Slot/Site Calibration Booking by the Organization employee/ Representative for submission or by Post .
  4. CFCT will book a slot for your calibration/testing job and intimate the date on which you have to submit your equipment and Expected Date of Completion (EDC) of your job. You will be allotted a unique case number in this process. Please mention your Case number whenever you communicate with CFCT after this process.
  5. Submit your equipment at NPL on the date you are required to do so.
  6. After EDC of job, contact CFCT through email, telephone or by post to confirm the completion of your job.
  7. As you get intimation of the completion of your job, collect your equipment and calibration/testing certificates from NPL.
  8. The person coming for collection of certificates and equipment should have his/her identity proof ( Preferably issued by the company ) and authority letter from the company.
    Instrument will not be delivered without these documents .
  9. Remember that CSIR-NPL does not dispatch calibrated equipment. Only calibration certificates/Test Report can be dispatched by Speed Post on request.
  10. Please strictly comply with public dealing time between 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM on all working days of NPL.
  11. Small items can be accepted by courier, if full payment towards calibration/testing charges has been made in advance. Also mention the unique case no for these items. Kindly ensure that items should not reach too early or late than the submission date.

How to know the calibration/Test charges :
Go to website  then click the " Calibration & Testing " on left column
Next > go to " Calibration & Testing Charges "
Next > click  relevant "calibration or test area" from the main page.
Next > choose from the list your parameters of interest and note down the charges.
For example:
You have to see charges for "E1 Class weight Box"
then visit: click from left column " Calibration & Testing " on left column

Next > go to 7th link on left column "Calibration & Testing Charges"

Next > click  relevant "Ne

Next " Select the parameter of your interest and requirement" for Knowing the charges of "E1 weight box" select the "Mass Standard Area"and click on this link as shown in picture.

Now you will see the Charges as per your interest :


OR write to with complete details Fax: 011-45608448 or call at 011-45608610 (Dr. A. Senger, Dr. R.G Mathur). You can also get proper Quotation or Proforma invoice from these persons.
Postal queries should be addressed to "Center for calibration and Testing, Kind Attention  ------- (Name of the concerned person), National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-110012 "

Important notes:

  1. Please tender exact amount for your calibration/testing job.
  2. Only small items can be accepted by courier. Please do mention unique case no on the courier.
  3. Only those items should be sent by courier for which slot has been booked.

CFCT Notice Board:

Working hours:
09:30 AM to 04:00 PM from Monday to Friday except GOI gazetted holidays.

  1. CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi is the National Metrology Institute (NMI) of India.  It has the responsibility to maintain the National Standards of Measurements as per Government of India Gazette No.589 "The Standards of Weights and Measures Rules, (1988)" [GSR 1076(E) dated 16.11.1988] in exercise of the powers conferred by section 83 of the Standards of Weights and Measures Act 1976.
  2. India is a member of the " Metre Convention " and of the Asia-Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP). India is also a signatory of International Bureau of Weights & Measures (BIPM) and Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM-MRA).
  3. NPL maintains traceability of measurement through Bilateral/International key comparisons.
  4. NPL is maintaining the Quality System as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
  5. Standardized and validated methods are employed for calibration. If customers desire any particular method, the same may be communicated. However, the calibration/test charges could be different in such cases.
  6. All correspondence regarding calibration and testing should be addressed to the Head, Centre for Calibration and Testing (CFCT), quoting CFCT reference number/case number, if any.
  7. The instruments/samples should be sent to Head, CFCT either through person or courier. In case of courier, put a label on the parcel "TO CFCT FOR CALIBRATION". The courier will only be accepted if the payment of charges is received in advance or along with the courier. The courier should accompany reference of the payment details. NPL will not bear any responsibility for the condition and quantity of the contents of the parcel
  8. The customers will have to make their own arrangements for collection of instruments/samples within three months after completion of the job, by authorizing a courier or a person. The authorized person/courier should come to collect the instrument/certificate with Receipt, proper authority letter and photo identification card. However, CFCT does not have facilities for packing of your instruments/samples. If the instruments/samples are not collected within specified period, NPL will be free to dispose them off in any manner, it deems fit.
  9. Please collect Certificate/Report within two weeks of completion of job, if opted for collection by hand. After that the Certificate/Report will be dispatched through Post.
  10. While sending enquiry for calibration/testing charges, the customers are requested to provide precise and complete requirements of calibration/testing.
  11. Calibration/test charges are payable in advance either by Demand Draft drawn in favour of "Director, National Physical Laboratory" , payable at New Delhi or through E-Transfer. The details for E-transfer can be collected from Head CFCT.
  12. Customers from abroad are requested to contact CFCT for the calibration charges applicable to them.
  13. Service Tax as applicable is chargeable in addition to the calibration/testing/other (if any) charges.
  14. Please DO NOT DEDUCT TAX AT SOURCE (TSD) AS CSIR-NPL, New Delhi is exempted under section 35(I) (ii) of the Income Tax Act 1961 (Notification No.53/2011 is available on our website) .
  15. In some calibration/test areas there is a long lead-time. Customers are suggested to book a time slot by making 100% advance payment.
  16. In the absence of formal request for revision of time-slot, there will be 15% deduction of the charges if the instruments/samples are not submitted on or before the starting date of the time-slot.
  17. For faster service, CSIR-NPL may offer "Express Service Scheme" wherein the charges are double of the normal.
  18. At any stage, if it is found that the calibration/testing cannot be done due to defective instrument/sample or due to the reasons attributable to the customer, only 85% of the calibration charges will be refunded.
  19. NPL GSTIN No.: 07AAATC2716R2ZG, TAN No-DELN06671A and Syndicate Bank, NPL (Pusa Campus) Branch, New Delhi-110012 A/c No. 91002010030018. Type of Account-Saving, MICR CODE NO110025087, IFSC CODE : SYNB0009100
  20. Visiting hours: Monday to Friday; 9.30 AM – 4 PM (excluding lunch time), NPL is closed on all Central Government Gazetted holidays as applicable at New Delhi and also closed for customers on 26th September (CSIR Foundation Day).