Materials Physics and Engineering

We develop state of the art materials, processes and technologies for Industrial and Strategic sectors through constant R&D efforts in selected areas. Several developmental projects have been undertaken and successfully implemented/completed for different R & D organizations in past and many of them are ongoing. These projects are either CSIR network, sponsored, grant-in-aid, collaborative or consultancy in nature. Broadly, this division concentrates efforts in the following subareas and welcome participation/collaboration form public/private bodies.


Dr. R. K. Kotnala, Chief Scientist & Head
Materials Physics & Engineering Division
National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Road, New-Delhi-110012, INDIA
Tel: 011-45608599; Fax: 91-11-45609310

Sections and major activities
Polymeric and soft Materials
Physics and Engineering of Carbon
Luminiscent Materials and Related Devices
Multiferroics and Magnetics
Bimolecular Instrumentation
Metals and Alloys

Group Members