Quantum Phenomena & Applications

Scientist and technical personnel of this division are engaged in understanding the rich manifestations of quantum mechanics in  electronic transport, magnetism, optical activity, and many other properties and their susceptibility to external perturbations for crossing the frontiers of contemporary condensed matter physics. The exploitation of these phenomena can also lead to cutting edge techniques in sectors of information processing, computation, sensors/detectors, human health, protection of the environment and quantum metrology.
Josephson Voltage standard for realization of unit “Volt” and Quantum hall Resistance for realization of unit “Ohm”, based on the quantum phenomena have been established in this division. Source based primary standard of spectral radiance in the form of a variable temperature blackbody and Iodine frequency stabilized He-Ne laser operating 633nm, used to realize metre have also been established. The up gradation, maintenance and dissemination of these standards are major tasks in this division.
In the quest for understanding  the  electronic, magnetic and photonic properties , new novel materials; in particular superconducting thin films, nanowires and nanolayers of layered materials,  nanostructures/nanodevices  are fabricated and nanoscale measurements are carried out using state of the art tools like Pulsed laser deposition(PLD), Focussed ion beam(FIB)/ E beam Lithography, Atomic Force Microscope(AFM),3D optical profiler, Magnetic and Physical property measurement systems (MPMS and PPMS)etc.
Basic research is carried out to Search for new superconductors and study of flux line motion, pinning and critical current density in superconductor based (nano) powders, thin films/ heterostructures/ devices, single crystals and bulk. In addition quantum optical studies and vibration spectroscopic studies for tumor detection and DNA –drug interactions are also being carried out.


Dr.(Ms) Ranjana Mehrotra
Chief Scientist & Head
Quantum Phenomena and Applications
Email: ranjana@nplindia.org
Ph: +91 4560 9210


Major Work Areas

Josephson Junctions and Single Electron Tunneling Physics

Quantum Transport in Thin Film Heterostructures

Nanoscale Measurements

Quantum Optics and Photon Physics

Superconductivity: Materials and Dissipation Physics