Site Calibration / Testing

As per our policy decision, we advice our customers to bring the instruments/samples in our Laboratory for their calibration/testing work. In exceptional circumstances, we do undertake the work on-site as per following guidelines:

i) The decision of accepting the on-site work of calibration/testing purely lies with NPL.

ii)The customers are advised to get the quotation from NPL for the work to be done on-site. Site charges (@ Rs. 7000/= per man-day), depending upon the number of man-days required on the site, will be extra, in addition to the calibration/testing charges.

iii) Time-slot booking for on-site calibration/testing is required in consultation with concerned scientist of the laboratory or CFCT by paying all charges in advance.  Travelling by Air / II AC and local hospitality of the scientists are borne by the customers as per actual expenses. The responsibility of booking the journey tickets, in consultation with the concerned scientists, lies with the customer only.

iv) Instrument Handling charges (Rs. 1500/-) are also chargeable in addition to the above mentioned charges.

v) GST is also applicable on all the above charges.

vi) Generally, two scientists/technical persons are deputed to do the on-site work and travelling time is also included in the man-days while calculating the site charges.

vii) The quoted charges are based on our estimation of the work and journey time but the final charges will be known only after completion of the job by knowing the actual man-days spent for the job.