Sh. Bhikham Singh
Principal Technical Officer
Apex Level Standards & Industrial Metrology
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    Temperature and Humidity Standards
    (Physico-Mechanical Standards)

    Current position and Address :

    Room No. 41, Humidity Stds., NPL.
    (M) 09212258284

  • Educational Qualifications:
  • DegreeSubjectUniversity/InstituteYear

    4 Year iploma in Electrical

    Electrical &

    BTE, Delhi






    Post Diploma in Applied

    Electronics &

    BTE, Delhi


    Electronics & Microwave
    Technology (PT)

    Academics/Research Experience:
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    Research field

    Institute (in India / Abroad)



    5 days from 2 nd Aug. to 6 th August

    Advance Training Course on “Calibration of thermocouples and glass thermometers”

    NPL, New Delhi



    4 days from 31 st Aug. to 3 rd September

    Training course on “ ISO-IEC 17025 , Basic Metrology and Uncertainty in Measurements”

    NPL, New Delhi



    31 st Jan. to 3 rd Feb. 2007

    Laboratory Quality System, Management and Internal Audit

    NPL, New Delhi

    2007 8 th Oct. to 12 th Oct 2007

    as perISO17025:2005,Conducted by NITS & BIS Qualified NABL, Assessors Training Course

    NPL, New Delhi

  • Date of Joining NPL: 26-04-1990
  • No. of Publications: 34
  • SCI JournalsConference/ proceedings BooksTotal
    12 22 NIL 34
  • No. of Patents: 02 (Filed & Granted) vide Indian Patent Nos. 233222 & 195191
  • Experience:

    Current Activity :
    Developmental, Experimental and Calibration Work

    (i) Developed 7 Nos. prototype Compact RH Generator based on two pressure technique for humidity calibration to meet the industries requirement in the range of 15 to 95 % RH, with ± 1 % RH stability. These devices were tested in the whole range for its satisfactory performance and these were sold to Various Indian Industries/NABL Laboratries For Rs. 3.7 Lakhs through CFCT Section.

    (ii) Technology Know-How Transferred and Licensed to M/s Belz Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad (Haryana) on Portable Relative Humidity (RH) Generator dated 20 th July, 2009
    Technology Charges Rs 2.0 Lakhs (Prepared Technology know how Document etc.)
    Technology was developed by: Hari Kishan, Bhikham Singh and Shiv Dutt Sharma

    (iii) Calibration of Digital RHT Sensors/indicators from calibration laboratory & Industries (ECF Rs. 5.9 Lakh) No. of Calibration reports issued = 61

    (iv) In-house Calibration of RHT indicators of all Standards labs in NPL were calibrated (Notional Calibration Charges Rs.15.2 Lakh were saved) No. of Notional calibration reports issued during the period = 113

    (v) Made couple of Resistance and Temperature measurement probes of RT measurement experimental setup for Lab View automation of Superconductivity & Cryogenics Division.

    Honours and Award:

    •  NPL Outstanding Performance Award 2008-09 For Outstanding Technical Work Individual ( BHIKHAM SINGH ) with the Cash Prize of Rupees 10,000/- On 26 th Sep., 2009.

    •  Team Award comprising of the Certificates and Cash Prize For Rs. 2500 /- for the invention granted on “A Portable Humidity Generator and A Process to generate Relative Humidity Therefrom.” by Hari Kishan, Bhikham Singh , Shiv Dutt Sharma, Mr. O.P. Arora, Vide Indian Patent No. 233222 on 20-05-2009 the World Metrology Day & National Technology Day Function.

    •  Two certificates of appreciation were received on Technology Day-2003 from the Director, NPL in respect of filing two patents on (i) Portable Humidity Generator and (ii) A Compact Dew-point Generator.

    Two Akashvani Annual Awards for Technical Excellence for years 1988 and 1989 for Best Import Substitution and Best Research Work.

    Any other information:

    Imparted five days training at NPL, New Delhi for KIMI-LIPI Participants and summer camps for various Educational Institutions and Industries.

    Telphone: 45608281