Dr. Govind
Sr. Principal Scientist & Professor (AcSIR)
Advanced Materials and Device Metrology Division
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Dr. Govind

Name: Dr. Govind

Designation: Senior Principal Scientist and Professor, Academy of Scientific & innovative Research (AcSIR)

Division: Environmental Science & Biomedical Instrumentation Metrology, 

Sub-Division: Sensor Devices & Metrology


Phone: +91-11-45609503, 45608403, 45608488

Fax: +91-11-45609310

Mobile: +91-9811930735

Research Interest:  III-Nitride, Metal Oxide, 2D materials, photodetector & gas sensor fabrication, Surface & Interface Physics

Publications in SCI Journals: > 215

Dr. Govind has made pioneering contributions in the field of epitaxial growth of III-nitride semiconductors & their heterostructures which is essentially beneficial for the fabrication of next generation optoelectronic devices. He has established a very strong R&D group which has significantly contributed in the field of epitaxial growth of semiconductors by molecular beam epitaxy technique and addressed the fundamental aspect of growth of these materials. These high quality grown heterostructures has been utilized to fabricate micro & nanoscale highly efficient optoelectronic devices. His group has delivered highly responsive GaN thin film based optical detectors yielding very high performance and the developed devices display a quiet rapid switching, excellent stability and reliability with switching time. Most significantly, his team has developed polarization free (non-polar) epitaxial nitride films and fabricated non-polar UV detectors with highest responsivity. He has also fabricated Indium nitride based ultrafast VIS-NIR broadband photodetectors where highest photoresponsivity from visible to near infrared spectral range is demonstrated with rapid switching, excellent stability and reliability with very fast switching time. Further by controlling the kinetics of growth, his group has developed self-aligned nanostructures and fabricated UV photodetectors as well as surface functionalization using 1D & 2D materials (ZnO, MoS2), nanoplasmonics and quantum dot structures has been carried to further enhance the performance of the fabricated detectors. In addition, Dr. Govind has also significantly contributed to the fundamental understanding of the surface & interface properties, Fermi level pinning, electron accumulation & electronic structure of technologically important materials & evaluated the impact of surface states on the performance of the fabricated optoelectronic devices. Enormous efforts have been invested by him to probe the oxidation states & electronic structure of metallic & semiconductor nanoparticles, thin films, core-shell nanoparticles, 2D-exotic materials such as Graphene, GO/rGO, MoS2 and their interfaces for the fabrication of advanced efficient optoelectronic and gas sensing devices.

Dr. Govind is an Associate Academician of Asia Pacific Academy of Materials (APAM) and recipient of prestigious Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) medal (2018) for his significant contribution to Materials Science & Technology.  He is also a recipient of Young Scientist Medal (Platinum Jubilee Award) from National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) (2010), Outstanding Young Scientist of the Year Award (OYSA) from CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India (2009), Young Scientist Award by IFW-ICNN, India (2009), BOYSCAST fellowship by Department of Science & Technology, India (2007) and Young Scientist Award (YSA) from Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI. He is a member of many Scientific Societies including MRS (USA), ACS (USA), MRSI, SSI, EMSI, MSI, Vijyana Bharti, IAAM etc. and recognized panel reviewer for many scientific journals.

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