Dr. Hari Krishna Singh
Sr. Principal Scientist and Professor (AcSIR)
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Designation: Sr. Principal Scientist, Professor of Physical Sciences, AcSIR

Department: Electrical and Electronic Metrology Division

Sub-division: Quantum Resistance Metrology and 2D Physics (DP#2.05)


Dr. H. K. Singh obtained his B. Sc. (Physics Hons.) and M. Sc. (Physics) in first division from Magadh University in 1988 and 1991, respectively. He was awarded the CSIR-UGC JRF/SRF-NET fellowship of December 1992. He carried out his doctoral research work at the Banaras Hindu University in the Department of Physics under Professor O. N. Srivastava on Tl and Hg based cuprate high temperature superconducting thin films and devices. He obtained his Ph. D. in the year 2000. After a brief stint (1999-2002) as a lecturer of physics in SGR PG College, Jaunpur he joined NPL as scientist C in March 2002. Currently he is working in the Quantum Resistance Metrology and 2D Physics group of the Electrical and Electronic Metrology Division.

The R&D efforts of Dr. Singh are directed towards the maintenance and up-gradation of national primary standard of resistance and basic research in the area of strongly correlated rare earth magnetic oxides. Dr. Singh was instrumental in establishing the primary standard of resistance based on quantum Hall effect, which has been peer reviewed twice by international experts. He has also developed an ultra-high precision current comparator, namely the cryogenic current comparator in collaboration with PTB-Germany. Recently he has headed a team of scientist for establishing the facility for the growth of magnetic alloys and multilayers, epitaxial graphene growth and magnetic topological insulator thin films. His own research focuses on the strain tuning of the magnetic and transport properties of doped rare earth manganite thin films. He has carried out exhaustive studies on the issues of strain tuning of the electronic phase coexistence/phase separation in these materials and its consequences on the electrical transport properties. His current interests are in quantum transport in epitaxial graphene and magnetic TIs films, anisotropic transport, nature of the magnetic glass, dynamics of phase transition, magnetic interfaces, etc. in manganite thin films and superlattices. Has also has interest in the phase transition and spin glass in Heusler alloys. Prof. Singh teaches the Masters and Ph. D. level course on the quantum theory of nanostructured materials in AcSIR.

Eight students have obtained their Ph. D. degree under his supervision. Currently 6 students are working under him. He has published more than 100 papers in SCI journals of repute, about 10 in conference proceedings and written three book chapters.