Sh. Joges Chandra Biswas
Chief Scientist
Apex Level Standards & Industrial Metrology
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  • DP/DU No.:

    2.05/02, AC Power & Energy Standard
    Electrical & Electronic Standards

    Current position and Address:

    II (Gr.IV(4)) AC Power & Energy Std., NPLI

    Educational Qualifications:

  • DegreeSubject University/Institute Year

    M.E. in Electrical Engg.

    Electrical Power Apparatus and Systems Engg.

    Delhi College of Engineering

    Continuing (4 semesters completed & project to be completed)

    B.Tech (Hons) in Energy Engg. (Electrical)

    Energy/Electrical Engg. Indian Institute of Technology , Kharagpur 1991

    Academics/Research Experience: Nil
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    Research field

    Institute ( in India/Abroad)



    Date of Joining NPL : 16.04.1992
    No. of Publications:

  • SCI JournalsConference/ proceedings BooksTotal
    2 11 1 14

    No. of Patents : Nil

    Current Activity :

    (Not more than 50 words): Engaged in Calibration and measurements and related R & D activity in the field of
    AC Power & Energy. Maintaining and updating the national standard of AC Power & Energy and providing traceability
    to power sectors, Electricity Boards, R & D institutes & calibration Labs throughout India . Testing high quality energy
    meters for performance based tests for power corporations and meter manufacturers. Also testing & analyzing energy
    meters received through court of law for energy theft.

    Honours and Award

    Received Outstanding R & D Team award for the year 2007-08

    Any other information :

    The PEER Review of the activity ‘AC Power & Energy Std.' was successfully completed for 28 CMC entries in January 2004
    & also in February 2009.As a pilot Laboratory, Proficiency testing in ac power & energy was carried out in 2004-2006 for 12 NABL
    accredited Labs. Participated APMP intercomparison in 1996, Bilateral comparison between NPLI-PTB in 2004 and
    EUROMET Key comparison CCEM-K5 in 2006 for ac power & energy for establishing degree of equivalence.
    Presently working for setting up of shock & vibration test facility for energy meters and establishing primary standard for ac power & energy

  • Telphone: 45608608

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