Dr. Jeya Kumar Ramanujam
Principal Scientist
Materials and Devices Division
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DP/DU No. and Name: Materials and Devices Division/CIGS Photovoltaics

Jeyakumar Ramanujam received his Ph. D. degree in Physics (selenide semiconductor films for photovoltaic applications) from National Physical Laboratory (NPL)/University of Delhi, India in 1998. Subsequently, he worked at NPL for nearly two years. In the summer 2000, he moved to Canada. After having more than 11 years of Canadian experience from the University of Waterloo, Research In Motion, and McMaster University, Dr Jeyakumar moved back to NPL as a Principal Scientist. He has expertise in various types of solar cell technologies, viz. crystalline silicon based solar cells (front junction, back junction, front heterojunction, and back heterojunction), CIGS solar cells, perovskite solar cells etc. Currently, Dr. Jeyakumar is working on low cost and high efficiency solar cells.

Educational Qualifications:





Ph. D.



National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi and University of Delhi, Delhi


Title of Ph. D. Thesis: Preparation and Characterization of Selenide Semiconductor Films for Photovoltaic Applications

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Research Field



From Nov.2011

Low cost and high efficiency solar cells, c-Si based front junction solar cells (double sided spin-on cells; diffused p-n junction cells with boron or aluminum back surface field), c-Si based back heterojunction solar cells, device modeling, CIGS based solar cells etc.

NPL, New Delhi, India


More than 11 years of Canadian experience

c-Si based interdigitated point contact back junction solar cells (4 mask process), mask design, process modeling, device modeling; Blackberry; front heterojunction (a-Si:H/c-Si) solar cells, a-Si:H solar cells, a-Si:H thin film transistors (TFTs-5 mask process), materials and devices characterization, a-Si:H TFTs/low-k dielectrics: device integration etc.

Engineering Physics Department/CEDT, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada; RIM, Waterloo, ON, Canada; Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada


2 Years

I-III-VI2 Materials and TCOs

NPL, New Delhi, India


Date of Joining NPL: November 18, 2011

No. of Publications: SCI Journals and Conference/ Proceedings: 37

Current Activity and Research Interests: Crystalline silicon based solar cells - front junction, back junction, front heterojunction, and back heterojunction; CIGS based solar cells; device modeling studies on low cost and high efficiency solar cells.