Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pant
Chief Scientist
Directorate (PME)
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DP/DU No. and Name: EPR spectroscopy & magnetic fluid / SASD 7.01.03

Name: Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pant

Current position and Address:
Head EPR and Magnetic fluid,
Room No.- 25 (main Building), NPL

Date of Birth: 15th Oct 1960 (Uttarakhand, India)

Educational Qualifications:

Degree Subject University/Institute Year



Bhavnagar University,
Bhavnagar, Gujrat




HNB Garhwal Univ,
Garhwal, Uttarakhand


Academics/Research Experience:



Research field

Institute ( in India/Abroad)



3 years

Development of GR magnetometer
& Data analysis

IIG, Mumbai

Project DST


5 years

Ferrofluids Sci & Technology and instrumentation CAD4-XRD/EPR/IR

CSIR-CSMCRI Bhavnagar, Gujrat


1992- till date

24 years

Development of grazing angle XRD, IRM, magnetic Nano particles, ferrofluids & devices

CSIR –NPL, New Delhi

Sr. Pri. Scientist


4 months

Inorganic materials and technology

OMTRI, Japan JICA, Japan

Date of Joining NPL/CSIR: 18.5.1987

No. of Publications:

SCI JournalsConference/ proceedings BooksTotal
91 85



No. of Patents: 9

Current Activity:

(Not more than 50 words)
Investigation of superparamagnetism, anisotropy, phase transition, exchange bias, core shell, evolution of surface magnetism and spin dynamics in magnetic materials (magnetic particles, films, ferrofluids and magneto-rheological fluids)using MOKE magnetometry, Kerr microscopy and microwave resonance at low temp. Tailoring the magnetic properties and ferrofluid parameters to obtain desired magnetization and viscosity for energy conversion application. Also, developing an ISO (ISO/TC 229-nanotechnology) document on liquid suspension of magnetic nanoparticles. Yet another, development of Indian reference materials (IRM) for the calibration of FMR ,XRD and Magneto-rheometer instrument are done.

Honours and Award:

1. Fellow APAM, 2015.

2. Past President- Indian Society of   magnetic fluid Research (ISMFR), 2005.

3. Member- International Steering Committee (ISC) of Magnetic Fluids, 2013

4. MemberWG4 Nanotechnology: ISO/TC-229/WG-4

5. Coordinator- MTD-33 Panel-4- MTD-BIS

6. Chairman, International Conf. on Magnetic fluids (ICMF-13), 2013

Any other information:

● Number of projects completed/going on : 7

● Number of Publications (in SCI journal) : 91

● Citations (2016) : >630

● Patents filed/granted : 8 (1 US granted)

● Number of research students guided for Ph.D : 4

● Number of research students currently under active guidance : 6

● Number of MTech/MSc/BTech students guided :25

● INSA summer research project : 3

● Invited Talk : 15

Membership of Professional Societies:

1. Life Member Metrology society of India (MSI)

2. Life Member Indian society of analytical scientist (ASAS)

3. Life Member Metrology society of India (MSI)

4. Life Member Indian society of Crystallography (ISC)

5. Life Member Swedishi science movement of India (SWSM)

6. Life Member Magnetic society of India (MSI)

Notable Achievents:

● IRM released : 2 IRM released (Si & Al2O3Powder XRD released

● Chairman : 13th Int. Conf Magnetic fluid, NPL

● Secretary : RANMF2003 at NPL

● ISO document : First ever Nanotechnology document of India.

● characterization facility : Excellent for Nano magnetic particles ferrofluid.


● Editorial Board Member, Journal of Nanofluids, American Scientific publisher, 2015

● Guest Editor-Magnetohydrodynamics, Vol. 3-4, 2013, Latvia

● Guest Editor-Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science, Vol-114, 2004

● Guest Editor- Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science, Vol- 5(6), 1998

Products developed:

● Developed Ferrofluid based Electric power generator using wind energy 2012

● Developed hybrid MWCNT-ferrofluid 2013

● Released Si Powder for X-ray Diffraction, Indian reference Material, BND 1501, 1998

● Development of Magnetometer to measure earth magnetic field 1985

Telephone: 45608309

Email: rppant@nplindia.org