Dr. (Ms.) Sangeeta Sahoo
Sr. Scientist
Quantum Phenomena & Applications
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  • DP/DU No. and Name:DU 06.02; Quantum Transport in Thin Film Heterostructures
  • Educational Qualifications:
  • DegreeSubjectUniversity/InstituteYear
    PhDPhysics (Nanoelectronics)University of Basel, Switzerland 2005
    M.Sc.Physics (Electronics Spl.)University of Kalyani, West Bengal1999
    B.Sc.Physics, Chemistry Maths,University of Kalyani, West Bengal 1997
  • Academics/Research Experience:
  • YearDurationResearch fieldInstitute
    (in India/Abroad)
    September 2011 to July 201210 monthsQHF Scientist (Quantum fluctuation is superconducting nanowire)NPL, INDIACSIR
    March-2009 to December-200910 monthsPostdoctoral Fellow (Quantum transport through Graphene and other 2D layered materials.)Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), SwitzerlandSNF, SWISS
    May-2006 to February-20092 years 10 monthsPostdoctoral research associate (Carbon nanotubes and other nanomaterials)Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USANSF and IFC, USA
    January-2006 to March-2006 3 months Postdoctoral Fellow (Quantum Transport at low temperature) Swiss Federal Institute (ETHZ), Zurich SNF, Swiss (ETHZ)
    November 2005 to December-2005 2 months Researcher/post PhD (Spintronics) University of Basel, Switzerland SNF, Swiss
    February-2002- October-2005 3 years 9 months Ph.D.(An Experimental Investigation of Spin Polarized Transport in Carbon Nanotubes) University of Basel, Switzerland SNF, Swiss
    July-2000 to January 2002 1 year 7 months JRF(Raman and Optical Properties of Nanomaterials) IIT, Kharagpur  
  • Date of Joining NPL:
  • 11/07/2012

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    12 NilNil 12
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  • Nil
  • Current Activity :
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  • Currently focused on the fabrication of very high quality Nb and Nb3Ge based superconductors for micro and nanosquids applications and also to study the effect of quantum fluctuations on superconductivity for very thin (~ 10 nm) superconducting nanowires. Also working on NbxGd1-x based thin films with varying x for the study of quantum phase transition and to find the phase diagram.