Dr. Dilip Dhondiram Shivagan
Principal Scientist
Physico-Mechanical Metrology
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    1.03 Temperate and Humidity Standards

    Educational Qualifications:

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    Physics (Chemistry, Maths, Stats)

    Shivaji University , Kolhapur 416 004


    M. Sc. Physics (Materials Science) University of Pune , Pune 1997
    Ph. D.

    Physics Thesis entitled, “Studies on Metal/ Hg-Based Superconductor/ Semiconductor Hetero-structures”

    Shivaji University , Kolhapur 416 004

    Submitted Dec 2002 Awarded 16 th Jan 2004

    Academics/Research Experience:
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    Research field

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    in India/ Abroad).


    24/09/2008 to 18/11/2009

    1 year 2 months

    Cryogenics : Cryo-lines and Cryo-distribution for ITER

    ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar 382 025



    14/07/2008 to 19/09/2008

    2 months

    Vortex dynamics in multiband super- conductors

    DCMP&MS, TIFR, Colaba, Mumbai 400 08.



    15/07/2006 to 13/07/2008

    2 years

    Vortex dynamics and i-soliton studies in multilayered cuprate super- conductors

    National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba , JAPAN . JSPS Post-doctoral Fellowship

    01/06/2005 to 31/05/2006

    1 year

    Novel Electro chemical Routes for Semi- conducting Thin Films


    of Chemistry, University of Bath , BATH BA2 7AY , U.K.

    Royal Society Post- doctoral Fellowship

    25/06/2004 to 31/05/2005

    1 year

    Development of electro deposited GMR multilayers (Co/Cu)

    Department of Physics, IIT Delhi

    Project Scientist on DIT Project

    01/02/2002 to 23/06/2004

    2.5 years

    Studies on fabrication and photoinduced properties of super- conductor/ semi- conductor hetero structures


    of Physics, Shivaji University , Kolhapur

    416 004





    30/08/1999 to 31/01/2002

    2.5 year

    Electro- chemical processing and critical current studies of thallium and mercury based super conducting > films


    of Physics, Shivaji University , Kolhapur

    416 004

    Project Assistant, UGC Super- conductivity R&D Project

    10/11/1997 to 31/03/1999

    1.5 years

    Rare earth based super- conducting films by electro deposition

    Department of Physics, Shivaji University , Kolhapur 416 004

    Project Associate, UGC Super-conductivity Project

    21/12/2001 to 30/01/2002


    Teaching Thin Film Physics M.Sc. Students

    Department of Physics, Shivaji University , Kolhapur 416 004

    Lecturer Contributory Teaching (Part time)

    11/08/1997 to 09/11/1997


    Physics Lectures and Practicals to Polytechnique Students (U.G.)

    Institute of Civil and Rural Engineering, Gargoti, Dist- Kolhapur – 416 209 India

    Lecturer UG Teaching (CHB)

  • Date of Joining NPL: 19/11/2009
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    46 05

    02 Book Chapters


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    Current Activity :

    Posted in Temperature Standards Group, NPL on 07-12-2009.
    Involved in the introductory activities on following thermometry- liquid in glass thermometer, thermocouple, and radiation pyrometry.

    Projects in which currently involved :

    1 Radiation Pyrometry
    2  Realization of fixed point measurements of noble metal thermocouples, eutectic points

  • Honours and Awards :

    1 JSPS Post-doctoral Fellowship - July 2006- July 2008; AIST, Tsukuba , Japan .

    2 Royal Society London Post-doctoral Fellowship , June 2005- May 2006.
    Physics (Experimental) , University of Bath , UK .

    3 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi- India has awarded “Senior Research Fellowship” Feb 2002 (three years), Kolhapur , India .

    4 Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) “MRSI Prize-2000” for the ‘Best Poster Paper Presentation' in XIth AGM of Society held in Baroda , Feb 2000.
    Paper entitled “Electrochemical oxidation of Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu alloyed films” by D.D. Shivagan, P.M. Shirage, L.A.Ekal and S.H. Pawar