<div id="banner-caption"><p class="caption-header">Indian Standard Time Maintained by CSIR - NPL</p><p class="caption-text"  style="font-size:15px;color:#FFFF00;font-weight:bold;">CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) is the custodian of Indian Standard Time (IST) and has the responsibility for realization, establishment, maintenance and dissemination of IST through an act of Parliament.</p><br /><p class="caption-text"  style="font-size:18px;color:#ffffff;font-weight:bold;background-color:#00acf2;text-align:center"">Indian Standard Time [IST] = UTC + 5:30 Hrs</p><p class="caption-button" style="text-align:right;" align="right"><a href="http://www.nplindia.in/csir-npl-time-keeper-nation">Click Here</a></p></div> <div id="banner-caption">
<p class="caption-header">National Metrology</p>
<p class="caption-text">"Accurate and precise measurements are essential to drive the growth engines of Indian Science &amp; Industry as it removes chaos and prompts innovations, which in turn, would save precious lives, resources and time. Let us strengthen the CSIR-NPL for a better future of the country..."</p>
<p align="right"><strong>D. K. Aswal</strong></p>
<p class="caption-button" style="text-align:right;" align="right"><a href="http://nplindia.org/national-metrology">Read More...</a></p>
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<p class="caption-header">Metrology for Environment and Health</p>
<p class="caption-text">The recent policies of Government of India have created vast opportunities in India in the areas of health and environment for various industries and other stakeholders. In view of increasing stress on quality &amp; transparency, the industries in India need support in terms of providing traceability in measurements and calibration of equipment. However, apex level calibration facilities in the areas of health and environment are currently not available in the country...</p>
<p class="caption-text" style="font-size:15px;color:#ffffff;font-weight:bold;background-color:#00acf2;text-align:center">Ministry of Environment forest and climate change has designated CSIR-NPL as 'Certification agency for air pollution monitoring equipment'</p>
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<p class="caption-header">Quantum Phenomena</p>
<p class="caption-text">Endeavors towards fabrication of quantum structures to bring out their electrical, magnetic and quantum optical properties and realization of fundamental constants (h, k, c) for their potential metrological applications for development of new quantum standards as well as improvement in existing primary standards.</p>
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<p class="caption-header">Materials &amp; devices for strategic, renewable energy and societal applications </p>
<p class="caption-text">Dedicated to the development of technologies for novel materials, products and devices related to strategic, renewable energy and societal applications. The emphasis is on the development of novel and advanced organic and inorganic materials and exploit their exotic properties to translate them into usable products and devices for strategic and societal applications.</p>
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<p class="caption-header">Facilities for Research and Industrial Growth</p>
<p class="caption-text">There are three main goals viz maximize the utilization of NPL facilities for the growth of Indian science, technology, educational and industrial growth , train the manpower in the area of measurement science and technology and Standardization centre for small scientific instrument manufacturers...</p>
<p class="caption-button"><a href="http://nplindia.org/facilities-for-research-and-industrial-growth">Read More...</a></p>

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Welcome to the CSIR- National Physical Laboratory (NPL-India) website. CSIR-NPL is the custodian of National Standards and maintains the Indian Standard Time (IST). It is mandated to be India’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) by an act of Parliament. CSIR-NPL disseminates.....